Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So we have been in Milwaukee for 8 days and are really loving our location. We're near some awesome little shops and restaurants and we're only a mile from Miller Park (where the Brewers play)! Our apartment is pretty sweet, we're a few blocks from the highway and we hardly know unless an ambulance or cop drives by with its siren on. It's not as nice as our place in Provo (no where we looked was as nice as our place in Provo, we were really blessed), but it feels cozy and lived in, and that's just fine with us. We haven't gotten used to the big kitchen yet, we still eat our meals on the couch like we used to, but we're hoping to start actually eating at the table soon.

 We rented a truck to get all our stuff down, I think Kendra was glad to get it out of the house!
 Grover was the designated "random stuff" car
 We're not used to so much room
 The green wall
 Second bedroom, "random stuff" room
 Anyone want a papasan chair? We're trying to find a good home for this one
 Just for fun
 Our bathroom is tiny. I was standing in the shower here
 Our bedroom
 Amazingly, all our stuff fit in this closet
 We painted the wall, it was a lot easier than we expected
 Bare bones bed
 King size bed = amazing
 This is Daniel's new baby
 Our cute shower curtain! Can you find Godzilla?
 So little
 I built that metal stand thing all by myself
 This is my seat of choice, I love my chair so much!
 Entertainment center
 Shoe tree, couch, Daniel, Jesus
 We got excited about so much counter space
 Sometimes I think the clock isn't working because I can't hear it tick. Then I remember I specifically wanted one that didn't tick
We even have a pantry!

One thing we did NOT have though is air conditioning. Milwaukee has been breaking heat records left and right and the thermometer in our apartment had been above 84 degrees for at least five days, so yesterday we bought a window unit and our place is livable again! Seriously, it feels so much better in here!

We celebrated our two year anniversary by going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Since it's been so long since I read the book, I was able to appreciate it as a film instead of constantly trying to remember how the book and movie matched up. Apparently there are lots of creative liberties, but I couldn't remember what they were so I really enjoyed it. The audience was fun too, and I thought the movie was really great, maybe we'll go see it again. I could look at Daniel Radcliffe all day long.

 I am such a sucker for blue eyes
Seriously, how is one person so attractive?

Yesterday I took my second to last final and am planning on taking my last one next week. I am SO excited to be done so I can move on to other things, like finding a job! I've applied to like 1340784231 jobs and so far I've gotten one call back, but the job is right up my alley, so I hope things work out. I will do pretty much whatever someone will pay me to do, so if you know anyone who's hiring, send them my way.

Also, our ward is awesome! There were 3 other new M-1 families at church, as well as a bunch of other students/residents, so we're in good company. There are two nurseries and at least 5 girls due in October, so it certainly is babyfest. Now that we have a decent temperature in our apartment, we're thinking of inviting some people over and hanging out. We've got so much space we don't know what to do with it all!

So that's life in a nutshell, thanks for taking time to read all about it. I'll try to update more frequently so each post isn't a novel.


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