Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today, at 1:02pm, Daniel received this e-mail...

Daniel:  Thank you for your follow up written request and the explanation for it.

The committee met this afternoon and considered your request.  I’m pleased to inform you that they agreed to reinstate your acceptance to the entering class of 2011.  There is nothing you need do.  Your deposit is still valid, in house and holding a space in the entering class of 2011.

Daniel, congratulations again and please make sure you accept the scholarship before April 11th.


Michael Istwan
Director of Admissions  


Now that that's taken care of, we can move on to other important things, like the Final Four games this weekend! I'm pulling for Butler, mostly because I think Brad Stevens is a cutie...

This is the face of the NCAA, and I don't mind a bit!

Also, Ben and Amber are engaged! Their story is incredibly precious, and I will share it at a later time. I'm so excited to be getting another sister!

I will be buying these for my child, regardless of gender...

Still don't know what we're going to do about MCoW, please send good vibes our way!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holy (M)CoW

Yesterday I convinced Daniel to take his name off the acceptance lists at Madison and MCoW, seeing as how we had good options elsewhere and hadn't heard anything about scholarships or other financial aid.

Today Daniel received two letters, one from Wash U and another from MCoW. The letter from Wash U was about tuition, a fixed rate of $50,510/year for all four years, roughly $200,000 for tuition alone. We still haven't heard about financial aid, so hopefully that number will be lower.

The letter from MCoW made me sick...

Dear Mr. Lindsay:

It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that based on the credentials with which you have been admitted to the Medical College, you have been named a recipient of the V. Duane Rath Merit Scholarship. This full-tuition scholarship is awarded to a Wisconsin resident who has demonstrated outstanding potential for success in medical school. In addition to the first year, it is renewable for the following three years provided you achieve fully passing academic work while you are enrolled at the College.

More info about the scholarship, accepting it, etc....


Karen J. Marcdanta, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education
Medical College of Wisconsin

Are you kidding me?! Less than 24 hours after Daniel withdraws his spot he gets this?! We were both stunned. We are still both stunned. This changes everything.

First, we have to find out if MCoW will even take Daniel back at all. He'll be able to use the scholarship as part of his argument, but it'll still be difficult. But if they do take him back, that will basically seal our fate for the next four years, because it would be incredibly unfair for Daniel to get put back on the list and then go to Case or Wash U. Are we ready to commit without hearing back about financial aid from our other top choices?

And there's the financial vs. social aspect. From a purely monetary standpoint, MCoW is a no-brainer. We would have WAY less debt, starting a family would be more attainable, and we would have more opportunities to do things, like travel to NC for holidays.

But does Daniel want a MCoW degree on his wall when it could've been a Wash U or Case (or even Duke) one? Will his colleagues think less of him because he went to a "less prestigious" school?

Note: There is really no such thing as a "less prestigious" med school, it's hard work and dedication no matter where you go, it's just that some schools are more respected in the medical community than others.

Daniel says it's not the school that matters, it's the student. Harvard Med and MCoW graduates both have the necessary skills to be doctors, and if we save $200,000 in the process, how can we argue with that?

I just don't know. Maybe MCoW won't take Daniel back and we won't have to think about it anymore.



Monday, March 28, 2011

It's subtle, but it could save your life

It's only Monday, but I am already super stressed about this week. So, instead of actually doing work, I'm blogging. It's time like these where I need a healthy dose of Julian Smith. Here are some of my favorites...

Now back to writing...


Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Love to See the Temple

I spent the weekend in the St. George area with some fabulous people: Daniel, Mark, and my wonderful in-laws, Jeff and Kendra. Yesterday we went to Zion National Park and tackled most of Angels Landing, one of the more dangerous hikes in Zion. It was cold and snaining, but with multiple layers of clothing and bright yellow ponchos, we made it to Scout Lookout in about an hour. There was about an inch of accumulated snow and the rocks were slick. We had been advised not to go the last half mile to the final summit (you have to hold on to a wobbly chain and walk across a strip of rocks about 8 feet wide and 1,000 feet up), so we enjoyed the view and made it back down in about another hour. It wasn't so bad going up, but going down icy switchbacks was quite a feat. Luckily I had Daniel and Mark to help me down, and I didn't fall once! Here are some internet pictures to give you an idea...

21 switchbacks, affectionately named Walter's Wiggles

From Scout Lookout to the final summit, appropriately called The Steps of Faith

Chains and rocks and that's it

Almost to the top

Long way down...

Picture that all snowy and icy. Not fun. Today was much nicer and I found out just a little bit ago that Jeff and Kendra went back and hiked all the way to the top this afternoon. Jeff said, "If you don't already have a fear of heights, this is a good place to develop it." I don't think I could've done it.

Even though yesterday was yucky and I was soaking wet, it was very easy to see the beauty in Heavenly Father's creations. The big red rocks and waterfalls and the clouds and all of the wonders that are on this earth are only a portion of the gifts of the earth. There is so much to enjoy on this planet, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to explore part of it for a few hours.

Today we went to sacrament meeting and then drove to St. George. We stopped at the temple and it was incredible. You can see the temple from the highway, so I've seen it a few times while cruising on I-15, but being so close to it took my breath away. If I had to do my wedding over again, I'd seriously consider St. George, that's how much it struck me. These pictures don't do it justice, but here are a few from the internet anyway...

It was so beautiful to see the stark contrast between the red of the rocks and the green of the grounds and the blue of the sky and the white of the temple, it almost hurt my eyes to look at it. I don't think I've even seen an exterior so white before, it's like everything was glowing! There was so much peace and comfort in my heart; people, the church is true!

After the temple we went to Snow Canyon, just outside of St. George. We didn't spend a lot of time there, but again, lots of pure, natural beauty (taken from Google Images)...

Daniel and I seriously talked about going back for residency or fellowship or something. Who would've thought I wasn't done with Utah yet?


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your Jimmer's Not Even Real!

I love working in the library for a number of reasons. Here are three of them...

Also, does anyone in the Provo/Orem area have caps and gowns Daniel and I can borrow for a graduation photo shoot? You'll be rewarded with delicious baked goods!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Durham, NC

The Faculty Committee on Admissions has completed interviewing and evaluating all of our candidates for admission to the 2011 entering class. You have been assigned a place on our wait list. We were enormously impressed with your scholarly achievements and experiences both of which demonstrate your potential as a future physician.  Therefore, we sincerely hope you will accept this position.

If you would like to accept this position on our wait list, there is nothing further you need to do.  It would be advisable to complete your FAFSA forms and other related financial aid documents in the event there is movement from the wait list.  Please do not contact the Office of Financial Aid until you are notified by the Office of Admissions offering you a seat in the class.  When and if this happens, the financial aid staff will promptly process your application and confirm any applicable aid should your status change.

We recognize that you may have already been accepted to a medical school you prefer over Duke and may wish to decline our offer to remain on Duke’s wait list.  If you would like to withdraw from the wait list, you may telephone the Office of Admissions and instruct us to remove you from the wait list or you may email Richard Wallace, the Associate Director of Admissions with your decision to be removed from the wait list.  In either case, we will ask you to verify your identity by providing your AMCAS ID number.

The status of accepted and wait listed applicants frequently changes after May 16, 2011 as individuals who have received an offer of admission from us choose to attend another institution (because May 15, 2011 falls on a Sunday, we are extending our deposit deadline through the close of business – 5:00 PM Eastern Time – Monday, May 16, 2011).  Please do not call the Office of Admissions with inquiries regarding your status on the wait list.  If you have any questions regarding the policies for accepted medical students (AAMC Traffic Rules) mandated by the AAMC, consult their website for clarification.

We also request that you update any changes to your telephone number, your mailing AND email addresses housed in your DukeMed Personal Account System.  This is extremely helpful since we must be able to reach you should your position on the wait list change.  We will try to reach you by telephone first (if the number listed is within the United States or Canada) and, if unsuccessful, we will then contact you through email.

Thank you for your interest in DukeMed!

Brenda E. Armstrong, MD
Associate Dean for Medical Education and
Director of Admissions

I'd like to turn the time over to Elliot Reid for my reaction...

Frick. Now what?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Cooper

I love TBBT!

So we went to Vegas over the weekend and there are some other exciting things happening, but I really don't feel like posting anything until Daniel hears back from Duke. We'll know one way or the other by the end of the week, keep your fingers crossed for us!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Rochester, MN

Dear Mayo Medical School Applicant,

Thank you for applying and interviewing at Mayo Medical School. We have received close to 4,000 applications for our 50 positions. The credentials and accomplishments of this year’s applicants are truly impressive. Unfortunately, after a comprehensive review, your application will no longer be considered.

We will respond to inquiries specific to your application after May 15, 2011.

Best wishes to you as continue to pursue your career goals in medicine. Perhaps you will join us at Mayo Clinic in one of our many residencies and fellowships in the future.


Patricia A. Barrier, M.D., M.P.H.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Chair, Admissions Committee



Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So back a little while ago, Mae had a video contest for their song "A Melody, The Memory." I spent some time decompressing tonight and watched several submissions. This one wins, hands down. I don't even know which video actually won, but it doesn't matter. This one is awesome. The end.