Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Update

Remember that practice MCAT Daniel took on Saturday? He got a 39 (45 being the best score possible)! He's feeling pretty good and is still studying hard, but it was a great boost to see that score!

Life is just flying by lately. It feels like MLK weekend was yesterday and pretty soon the semester's going to be over (however, we still have to get through the dreaded March)! We're still trying to decide when exactly we're getting out of Utah, but we plan to sign another year-long contract with our landlords and we'll probably just find another couple to take over the last few months. Daniel's now toying with the idea of taking Spring/Summer classes and finishing up in August instead of next April, which will open him up for a job, but only for like 10 months. I just don't see how I can finish any faster than next June, but if Daniel graduates and is able to find a job, it'll be ok for us to stick around while I finish. Sometimes I really wish I had a crystal ball!

So a few phone calls today helped figure out that the fall 2011 semester at Duke starts August 9 and it's still unclear whether or not Daniel will actually get in-state tuition at Chapel Hill (keep your fingers crossed!). We can always pull off some sneaky scheme where we change the address on our bills and have them sent to NC, but we're hoping we don't have to resort to that...

-Daniel and Jenn

Friday, February 19, 2010

This is the life

So, Vegas was so fantastic! We loved the warm weather and the empty house and full fridge :) We also enjoyed some Olympic action, and we're really excited to go back in a few months!

Las Vegas temple

On top of the Stratosphere

Lunch with Elder Spencer!

Today we spent over $100 at the grocery store. For the second time in two weeks. How the heck do we eat so much food?! We make our own bread and laundry detergent and pretty soon we're going to have to start raising chickens and cows in our backyard for meat! I need to look into couponing and actually browse through those obnoxious newspaper inserts for deals. If we spend that much with just the two of us, imagine what it will be like when we start having kids!

Daniel's taking a practice MCAT tomorrow and is stressing out about it, good vibes his way would be appreciated. He's also changed Duke to his #1 med school choice. Duke will always be puke to me, but at least he'll be the one actually going to the school and not me, I will never be a Blue Devil ever!

The Goo Goo Dolls will be the musical feature at the Azalea Festival this year and I am beyond jealous. My dad said he'd go and get me a shirt though!

Ruggles is getting by with ghetto charging, but we're still looking for good deals if anything pops up.

And now for some silly stuff...

Quote of the day (seen at a Jimmy John's): Men are like fine wine. They start out as grapes, and it's up to the women to stomp the snot out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

YouTube clip of the day (if you haven't already seen it, you probably live under a rock): Click

Website of the day (this is in the Mirror Mirror collection at the MOA and I also found it online): Click

-Daniel and Jenn

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We just spent a fabulous weekend in Las Vegas and I will post pictures soon, but something incredibly important has happened...


Daniel + Jenn + Ben + Jordan + Mark + BYU = <3

-Daniel and Jenn

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update, Part Deux

Alright, after getting off the phone with my Canadian friend at HP, my total repair cost (taxes, shipping and handling, etc.) would be...$424. Four hundred and twenty-four dollars! I can basically buy a new computer with that money! The motherboard is what's messed up, so that's why it's so expensive. The Canadian guy told me that it wouldn't be a bad idea to look for something new, but I love Ruggles and I custom built him so he's everything I need in a laptop! And it's not like I can just waltz over to the store and buy something, we're trying to live as frugally as possible! For now, we'll just ghetto charge Ruggles (take Ruggles' battery and charge it in Sarge, then put it back in Ruggles) and try to figure something out...

-Daniel and :( Jenn


So, Ruggles has to go to the shop. The guy at Best Buy said it'll be a $75 repair tops, which isn't too bad, but that means he'll be gone for at least a couple weeks. Luckily Daniel and I don't use our laptops too much this semester so we'll be ok to share Sarge for a little bit, I just wish I had been more careful so this didn't happen in the first place :(

On the bright side, we're going to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend and here's the forecast, so you should be jealous

-Daniel and Jenn

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 Mysteries, Only 1 Solution


So I use my phone as my alarm and I leave it on during the night but turn it on silent. The vibrate isn't too loud and I usually don't hear it. However, this morning at 12:46am I was woken up by a strange number calling my phone. I just ignored it and tried to sleep again only to hear the slight vibration of another call 30 seconds later. I still didn't answer it (I was half-asleep and didn't want to deal with a prank call) and let it ring. A couple minutes later my phone rang again and I called in Daniel (who was still up reading his dad's blog) because I was kind of freaked out. I checked my phone and saw that I was awake for 3 calls, but this number had called 3 times before it woke me up. 6 calls in 5 minutes! The person calling never left a voicemail or anything, so I turned off the vibrate function in case they called again they wouldn't make me up. The rest of the night was fine and I wasn't bothered anymore.

When I checked my phone this morning the person hadn't called again. I ran a search on the number and found out it was a Greensboro number, so it was 2:45am-ish when this person made all of these calls. I texted my mom and gave her the number, and when she called it rang until it went to voicemail. I didn't really think about it until 11am when the number called me again as I was on my way to class. I just missed the call (like I said, my phone's vibrate isn't super noticeable) and couldn't be late to class, so I texted my mom again and told her I had been contacted again. After class I called the number and it rang until it went to voicemail. I left a polite but curt message and then called Daniel to chat with him for a minute. As I was talking to Daniel, the Greensboro number called and I basically hung up on Daniel to answer it. Turns out some guy had the wrong number and apologized for giving me any trouble. Kind of an anti-climatic ending, but a safe one and that makes me happy!


Tonight I was charging Ruggles (my laptop that I love dearly) and the charger cord was stretched pretty far when I moved funny and the charger snapped out of the computer really fast. When I plugged the charger back into the little hole, it wouldn't charge. I tried multiple chargers and multiple outlets and no luck. Daniel and I packed up and headed over to Best Buy and prayed it wouldn't be an expensive repair. The Geek Squad guy took a charger from the store and plugged it in and Ruggles started charging! Then the Geek Squad guy plugged in the charger we brought from home and Ruggles kept charging! It was a slightly embarrassing/awkward experience, but I was very grateful it was not a costly repair and everything would be fine. So you can imagine our surprise when we got home and tried charging Ruggles and NOTHING HAPPENED. We tried multiple chargers and multiple outlets all over again and still nothing. I have no idea what's wrong and it irritates me. Daniel's computer (Sarge, basically Ruggles' twin) charges just fine, so he took the battery out of Ruggles so it could charge in Sarge and I could use my own computer for a bit until the battery dies again. So this mystery still needs to be solved...stay tuned!

-Daniel and Jenn (but mostly Jenn)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Remember us?

So we made a blog 6 months ago, posted like two things, then promptly forgot about it. But now I'm getting back into the idea and promise to post more often!

So I guess one of the big things that happened is that we got married! In case you're not on Facebook, here are a few shots that pretty much sum it all up...

After an exciting little vacation in North Carolina and Wisconsin, we made our way back to Utah and lived in the Shingle House (Daniel's bachelor pad) for a couple months until we found the most adorable apartment in all of Provo. We love our place, it's a 10 minute walk to campus, a 10 minute walk to church, a 3 minute drive to Smith's, and our ward is AWESOME! We got called as the Temple Prep teachers and loved it so much, our class was so great! Now we're teaching Gospel Doctrine and enjoying it as well!

Right now my plans are to go to school 24/7 and graduate next Spring. I'll walk in April with Daniel, but take my last class during Spring term so I won't have to come back to Utah to graduate in August. I'm an English major and am hoping to find a career with editing, but I'm also entertaining the idea of becoming an ASL interpreter or maybe doing a part-time thing at a daycare teaching ASL to little ones. I love sign language and I definitely want to keep it in my life!

Daniel's going to finish up school next April and then it's off to med school in the fall! His number one pick right now is UNC, which makes me SO happy, I'd love to go back to North Carolina for a few more years! He's not really sure what he wants to specialize in, however he's currently leaning ever-so-slightly towards cardiology. He's taking the MCAT in April and is studying hard for it, he's shooting for a 40 (45 being a perfect score), which will pretty much guarantee he'll get in anywhere he wants.

And that's about it for now, we promise to blog more often!

-Daniel and Jenn