Saturday, February 6, 2010

Remember us?

So we made a blog 6 months ago, posted like two things, then promptly forgot about it. But now I'm getting back into the idea and promise to post more often!

So I guess one of the big things that happened is that we got married! In case you're not on Facebook, here are a few shots that pretty much sum it all up...

After an exciting little vacation in North Carolina and Wisconsin, we made our way back to Utah and lived in the Shingle House (Daniel's bachelor pad) for a couple months until we found the most adorable apartment in all of Provo. We love our place, it's a 10 minute walk to campus, a 10 minute walk to church, a 3 minute drive to Smith's, and our ward is AWESOME! We got called as the Temple Prep teachers and loved it so much, our class was so great! Now we're teaching Gospel Doctrine and enjoying it as well!

Right now my plans are to go to school 24/7 and graduate next Spring. I'll walk in April with Daniel, but take my last class during Spring term so I won't have to come back to Utah to graduate in August. I'm an English major and am hoping to find a career with editing, but I'm also entertaining the idea of becoming an ASL interpreter or maybe doing a part-time thing at a daycare teaching ASL to little ones. I love sign language and I definitely want to keep it in my life!

Daniel's going to finish up school next April and then it's off to med school in the fall! His number one pick right now is UNC, which makes me SO happy, I'd love to go back to North Carolina for a few more years! He's not really sure what he wants to specialize in, however he's currently leaning ever-so-slightly towards cardiology. He's taking the MCAT in April and is studying hard for it, he's shooting for a 40 (45 being a perfect score), which will pretty much guarantee he'll get in anywhere he wants.

And that's about it for now, we promise to blog more often!

-Daniel and Jenn

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