Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 Mysteries, Only 1 Solution


So I use my phone as my alarm and I leave it on during the night but turn it on silent. The vibrate isn't too loud and I usually don't hear it. However, this morning at 12:46am I was woken up by a strange number calling my phone. I just ignored it and tried to sleep again only to hear the slight vibration of another call 30 seconds later. I still didn't answer it (I was half-asleep and didn't want to deal with a prank call) and let it ring. A couple minutes later my phone rang again and I called in Daniel (who was still up reading his dad's blog) because I was kind of freaked out. I checked my phone and saw that I was awake for 3 calls, but this number had called 3 times before it woke me up. 6 calls in 5 minutes! The person calling never left a voicemail or anything, so I turned off the vibrate function in case they called again they wouldn't make me up. The rest of the night was fine and I wasn't bothered anymore.

When I checked my phone this morning the person hadn't called again. I ran a search on the number and found out it was a Greensboro number, so it was 2:45am-ish when this person made all of these calls. I texted my mom and gave her the number, and when she called it rang until it went to voicemail. I didn't really think about it until 11am when the number called me again as I was on my way to class. I just missed the call (like I said, my phone's vibrate isn't super noticeable) and couldn't be late to class, so I texted my mom again and told her I had been contacted again. After class I called the number and it rang until it went to voicemail. I left a polite but curt message and then called Daniel to chat with him for a minute. As I was talking to Daniel, the Greensboro number called and I basically hung up on Daniel to answer it. Turns out some guy had the wrong number and apologized for giving me any trouble. Kind of an anti-climatic ending, but a safe one and that makes me happy!


Tonight I was charging Ruggles (my laptop that I love dearly) and the charger cord was stretched pretty far when I moved funny and the charger snapped out of the computer really fast. When I plugged the charger back into the little hole, it wouldn't charge. I tried multiple chargers and multiple outlets and no luck. Daniel and I packed up and headed over to Best Buy and prayed it wouldn't be an expensive repair. The Geek Squad guy took a charger from the store and plugged it in and Ruggles started charging! Then the Geek Squad guy plugged in the charger we brought from home and Ruggles kept charging! It was a slightly embarrassing/awkward experience, but I was very grateful it was not a costly repair and everything would be fine. So you can imagine our surprise when we got home and tried charging Ruggles and NOTHING HAPPENED. We tried multiple chargers and multiple outlets all over again and still nothing. I have no idea what's wrong and it irritates me. Daniel's computer (Sarge, basically Ruggles' twin) charges just fine, so he took the battery out of Ruggles so it could charge in Sarge and I could use my own computer for a bit until the battery dies again. So this mystery still needs to be solved...stay tuned!

-Daniel and Jenn (but mostly Jenn)


  1. Ruggles is a nice reminds me of potato chips

  2. Have you checked the outlet that the charger is plugged into? Maybe the outlet blew a fuse or something is wrong with the outlet.