Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A missed moment

I don't think anyone at work knows I'm a Mormon. I have been praying for missionary opportunities every day for ages and finally got one this morning. And I mostly blew it.

This is one of the pictures taped to the wall next to my desk...

For some reason, people think the DC temple looks like Cinderella's Castle at Disney World. I guess I kind of see it, but not really. Anyway, earlier today a nice lady named Wendy was sitting with me at my desk going over some project details. I had to take a phone call, and after I hung up she commented on my photos. She asked if I got married in Cinderella's Castle, and there was my moment to naturally and normally share a little bit about the temple/the Church. Instead, I shifted the conversation back to the work project with a simple, "No, it's a church out in Washington, DC. It's the same one my parents were married in, that's why it's special."

That's all.

The temple is so much more than that! Yes, it's special that where I got married kind of looks like Cinderella's Castle. Yes, it's special that I got married in the same place as my parents. Yes, it's special that most of my family was able to be there. But what's even more special is that I get to be with Daniel forever. I can go back and perform sacred ordinances for those who have passed on and can't do the work themselves. I can receive blessings from God for my service. That's why the "church out in Washington, DC" is special. And that's what I should've said.

Moral of my story: Take those precious opportunities to naturally and normally share your beliefs. Sometimes one chance is all you get.

Here's to a better outcome next time someone asks me about my wedding!


Thursday, December 6, 2012


On Monday I started my new job!

My eyes are super squinty, but my hair looks good

I work in the Department of Surgery, Division of Education (but we're all lumped under Surgery, as evidenced by my badge). I mostly assist 3 ladies with their projects - one works with M3 and M4 students doing their surgical rotations, one works with surgical residents, and one works with physicians who want CME (continuing medical education) credit. It's a lot of event planning and nagging physicians and figuring out who works where, but I love it already. The only downsides are 1) I have to park behind the Mental Health Complex (if you're familiar with the medical campus, you understand) and hike to the hospital entrance. It's a 10 minute walk on a good day. Heaven help me when it's snowy/icy, and 2) I'm really far away from MCW, so it takes awhile to meet up with people or get to the gym. My legs are getting a good workout though!

Also, I've been listening to some new tunes (new to me at least) lately and liking what I'm hearing. Here are a few of my current favorites...

Foster the People - Waste

I don't usually go for blondes, but I think FtP's drummer is very attractive

Imagine Dragons - Demons

These guys (at least the lead singer) are Mormon, so we like to listen to them on the drive to and from church

Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone

This music video is weird, and I'm sorry about that. The joke is that the band is Harry, Ron, and Neville during school holidays

Looking forward to traveling and seeing my family in a few weeks! New is fun now and then, but familiarity is great!

Update: My new office does casual Fridays. Aw yeah!