Monday, May 24, 2010

Slight panic

Sunday night Daniel told me he had a meeting on Monday morning with the Life Science department people because he has more than 120 credits and still has 2 semesters left. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal because he is intending on graduating and he has a plan to get everything done by April, but when I called him afterward to see how it went, he said it was a disaster. He didn't talk to the actual head honcho person, he talked to some lady and that lady was going to present his case to the head honcho person at a later time. She tried to make Daniel say that he was for sure going to graduate in December, but he didn't and she was not happy about that, so she probably won't make a good case for him.

Their argument was that Daniel is taking up room for a new freshman and by sticking around he's denying that potential student acceptance to BYU. Daniel's argument was that he's spreading out his classes over 2 semesters because he's going to miss at least a month of school during Fall semester for med school interviews. He is also working on his Music minor (to which the lady literally said, "I don't care") and he needs more time to finish that up.

If the LS department tells Daniel he has to graduate in December, we'll probably head out and go back to North Carolina for 8 months until med school starts. I called my mom and said, "How about instead of coming to visit you at Christmas we come home to live with you at Christmas?" She said we could live at home for a bit if we needed to and she might even be able to find a job for Daniel at the hospital, which would be way cool. I'd try to work for Dr. Browning again or maybe Firehouse, just anything to save up a little bit of money. I met with a Humanities advisor to discuss my options, and I could still graduate in April as long as I do Independent Study hardcore and get my grades in by some date in March. We could also stick around here after Daniel graduates and walk together in April, but finding a job for Daniel for 4 months would be even harder than finding one for 8. We really have no idea what we're going to do and we're just praying that everything works out. So yeah, that's the big thing for now, Daniel's going to follow up next week and see if anything's happened, we'll let you know...

-Daniel and Jenn

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Goal

Learn all the words to this...

Sometimes we kick it old school.

-Daniel and Jenn

Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Sorts of Fun

On Tuesday I did pretty much nothing, and it was awesome. I signed up for my Independent Study classes and played a lot of Mario Kart and spazzed out about Daniel's MCAT scores. And it was wonderful! I definitely needed a lazy afternoon and I had enough energy to help make black bean soup with Daniel for the ward chili cookoff. My visiting teaching companion made cornbread muffins and I are more of those than chili. I can't remember the last time I had cornbread, it was like eating a little slice of heaven.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for my mono follow-up appointment and the doctor basically said I have anywhere between 2-12 weeks before I'm better. Um, cool? I did get him to print off a doctor's note for my school withdrawal forms though, which I turned in during the afternoon and by dinnertime it was like I never existed in my classes, talk about a quick turnover!

We're planning on spending Memorial Day weekend in Rexburg with Oliver and Heather, so on Thursday night we went to Wal-Mart to get an air mattress so we won't have to sleep on the floor in a couple of weeks (it'll also come in handy when we go camping, which we will hopefully do lots more of now that we have something nice to sleep on). It doesn't matter what day or what time of day it is, I always see a North Carolina car when I go to Wal-Mart. And on Thursday there were TWO. We also bought a beast of an air mattress and some sheets for it, so it was a successful trip overall. I also made a sweet logo in my Illustrator class and Elise suggested pepper jack cheese for our Grilled Cheese Thursday, so it was just a good day in general I think.

Daniel shadowed on Friday and came home around lunchtime. After eating he went to work and I went up to campus to work on my IS (Independent Study) classes. I started with American Lit but realized I didn't have the right books, so I switched over to Bible Lit and did a pretty decent amount of work, hopefully I'll be able to finish that one fairly quickly. We had epic nachos for dinner and then watched The Blind Side, which I really enjoyed. It was nice to hear southern accents and I've decided I want to be sassy like Leigh Ann Tuohy. We also talked about maybe participating in a mentoring program once I get better, which I think is a really great idea :)

Today started bright and early at 9am in order to eat and get ready for softball. The boys played and some of the wives came to hang out and it was nice to just be with girls for a little bit, we talked about babies and future plans and we laughed a lot and got to cheer our hubbies on to victory (the BBQ afterwards was pretty nice too). I didn't wear sunscreen though, and pretty much everyone got their first sunburn of the year. We went to the BYU baseball game after that, I made it to about the seventh inning before calling it quits, and Daniel was pretty much done too. We went to PC Laptops afterwards to pick up poor dead Ruggles and argued with the employees about their means of compensation for killing my laptop. They basically blamed it on the lack of quality in HP products and said they could get me $350 off one of their laptops, which start at about $1500, but we said no thanks and left before we got more upset. We went to Best Buy to see if there was some sort of laptop sale and I found a Dell for about $480 that I liked, but Daniel found an HP for $315 that I really liked so we went with that one. It was opened and returned, but there's nothing wrong with it, so now I have Ruggles II or R2

Now I have to take the stuff of Ruggles' hard drive and put it on R2, so that's the next big project. Hopefully I can transfer everything correctly, fingers crossed! We went to the bookstore to buy Office after Best Buy and Microsoft is putting out Office 2010 in July so I paid a few extra bucks and will get the upgrade when it comes out, I'm interested to see what it will be like. Maybe it will work really well with Windows 7, I don't know. Also, Windows 7 is pretty cool, I like it a lot!

The moral of the story: Don't bother with PC Laptops, they're a bunch of punks.

-Daniel and Jenn

Tuesday, May 11, 2010






Basically, Daniel's a beast. Duke, here we come!

-Daniel and Jenn

Sunday, May 9, 2010


A photo montage of our moms!

-Daniel and Jenn

Friday, May 7, 2010


So remember when I said that I was feeling way tired even though I was getting plenty of sleep? Well today my body reached an all-time low (I fell asleep in class, I had to use the elevator because I lacked the energy to walk up the stairs, etc.), so I decided to go to the doctor. They did some tests, but it was close to their closing time, so the doctor told me not to worry about waiting for the results and he would just call me if something came back positive/negative (depending on the test). Daniel made chicken/ham/cheese paninis and mac n cheese for dinner and we were on our way to Iron Man 2 when I got a phone call. It was the doctor with my tests results. The good news is that I'm not pregnant (I knew I wasn't, but it was a nice conformation). The bad news is that I have mono. Awesome. I scheduled a follow-up appointment and was advised to avoid contact sports and pace myself, since there really is no medication or anything. Apparently the spleen can sometimes swell during mono (or other immune system attacks), and since the spleen filters your blood, it's a good idea to take it easy so you don't mess anything up.

So now I get to balance school/work while my body fights against it. Yay. Daniel's so good at taking care of me though, and I hate to burden him with my lack of energy, but the more I rest now the faster I can get better and get back to being the domestic diva I am ;-)

Oh, and Iron Man 2 was sold out, so we bought tickets for a showing tomorrow afternoon. We'll maybe go to the mall later, but other than that I'd really like to spend some time in bed just relaxing. We watched Fantastic Mr. Fox this evening, it was kind of silly/weird, but George Clooney is amazing, so it was worth watching. I've also decided Jason Schwartzman is very good at playing angst-y characters.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Days

Yesterday was Cinco de Sushi and it was awesome! A group of us went to Sushi Ya and the food was good, even if the service wasn't. Since we'll most likely be in NC next May, we're going to take my family out for sushi, or maybe we'll make some at home. I don't know of many sushi places in Wilmington other than Nikki's, and I don't know how my family would feel about it, so maybe at home would be best. Anyway, last night was fun and I'm glad we're making a tradition of it!

We found out recently that some good friends of ours are pregnant and today my cousin found out she is having a baby girl and Daniel's aunt and uncle are expecting too and it's really exciting to KNOW people who are about to become parents. I mean, we know people in the ward and stuff, but we're actually close to these people, and that makes it more exciting. I was talking to my mom about it today and she said that now is not our time for kids (which I definitely agree), and I told her we were going to start trying next fall-ish and she basically said, "I thought you would be pregnant by the time you graduated in April, but I'm glad you're going to wait a little longer!" I figure I have a better chance of getting a job if I'm not pregnant when I apply, and it would be nice if I could do some work while at home with my baby, not to mention maybe some benefits that would help us out a lot.

The roofers are finally here, meaning the weather will be nice for at least the next few days. It's still chilly out though and I don't like having to wear a jacket still. My mom likes to send me pictures of the beach too, and that definitely doesn't help.

There's still 3 weeks until the Memorial Day long weekend, I really hope I can make it that long. I just don't have the attention span to sit and listen for 2 hours at a time! My classes are in the transition between early and late afternoon too and I think the time frame is what messes me up. Luckily I usually have a snack to keep me awake, but it's been rough these last few days.

I've been so exhausted this week, I have no idea why. We've been so good at getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night for the last couple of weeks, but maybe it's too much? Whatever the case, I'm really looking forward to an alarm-less Saturday morning! Hopefully the roofers don't wake us up...

Our washer is still broken and Ruggles is still in the shop, sad day :(

But 5 more days until Daniel gets his MCAT scores!

-Daniel and Jenn

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Murmur of Agreement

A picture/video montage of events over the last couple weeks...

1) Finals: We survived! Daniel got all A's (as usual), I got 5 B's and 1 C (blah). We're satisfied though, and I have some motivation to do well during Spring/Summer.

2) MOAB: A camping adventure down south. A good time was had by all :)

3) Work: We're getting 30-40 hours a week and we're saving up for adventures next year. I'm also in a few classes, which are fun, but SO long. I wish BYU offered a more traditional layout during Spring/Summer!

4) Mario Kart: We bought it tonight and it's already our new favorite thing. Daniel's very good though, I got kind of discouraged and stopped playing, but it's entertaining to watch him play. I'm going to play on my own and then surprise him by beating him.

5) Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer: Daniel found this somewhere, and we've started taking like this. It's pretty entertaining and we try not to crack up.

Also, why does it feel like February outside? We dislike it greatly...

-Daniel and Jenn

PS: I don't know why Blogger doesn't scale down our pictures