Saturday, May 1, 2010

Murmur of Agreement

A picture/video montage of events over the last couple weeks...

1) Finals: We survived! Daniel got all A's (as usual), I got 5 B's and 1 C (blah). We're satisfied though, and I have some motivation to do well during Spring/Summer.

2) MOAB: A camping adventure down south. A good time was had by all :)

3) Work: We're getting 30-40 hours a week and we're saving up for adventures next year. I'm also in a few classes, which are fun, but SO long. I wish BYU offered a more traditional layout during Spring/Summer!

4) Mario Kart: We bought it tonight and it's already our new favorite thing. Daniel's very good though, I got kind of discouraged and stopped playing, but it's entertaining to watch him play. I'm going to play on my own and then surprise him by beating him.

5) Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer: Daniel found this somewhere, and we've started taking like this. It's pretty entertaining and we try not to crack up.

Also, why does it feel like February outside? We dislike it greatly...

-Daniel and Jenn

PS: I don't know why Blogger doesn't scale down our pictures


  1. it's times like these when i wish our speakers worked :(

  2. i just installed new speakers on the computer...laugh laugh laugh!