Monday, May 24, 2010

Slight panic

Sunday night Daniel told me he had a meeting on Monday morning with the Life Science department people because he has more than 120 credits and still has 2 semesters left. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal because he is intending on graduating and he has a plan to get everything done by April, but when I called him afterward to see how it went, he said it was a disaster. He didn't talk to the actual head honcho person, he talked to some lady and that lady was going to present his case to the head honcho person at a later time. She tried to make Daniel say that he was for sure going to graduate in December, but he didn't and she was not happy about that, so she probably won't make a good case for him.

Their argument was that Daniel is taking up room for a new freshman and by sticking around he's denying that potential student acceptance to BYU. Daniel's argument was that he's spreading out his classes over 2 semesters because he's going to miss at least a month of school during Fall semester for med school interviews. He is also working on his Music minor (to which the lady literally said, "I don't care") and he needs more time to finish that up.

If the LS department tells Daniel he has to graduate in December, we'll probably head out and go back to North Carolina for 8 months until med school starts. I called my mom and said, "How about instead of coming to visit you at Christmas we come home to live with you at Christmas?" She said we could live at home for a bit if we needed to and she might even be able to find a job for Daniel at the hospital, which would be way cool. I'd try to work for Dr. Browning again or maybe Firehouse, just anything to save up a little bit of money. I met with a Humanities advisor to discuss my options, and I could still graduate in April as long as I do Independent Study hardcore and get my grades in by some date in March. We could also stick around here after Daniel graduates and walk together in April, but finding a job for Daniel for 4 months would be even harder than finding one for 8. We really have no idea what we're going to do and we're just praying that everything works out. So yeah, that's the big thing for now, Daniel's going to follow up next week and see if anything's happened, we'll let you know...

-Daniel and Jenn

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