Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Days

Yesterday was Cinco de Sushi and it was awesome! A group of us went to Sushi Ya and the food was good, even if the service wasn't. Since we'll most likely be in NC next May, we're going to take my family out for sushi, or maybe we'll make some at home. I don't know of many sushi places in Wilmington other than Nikki's, and I don't know how my family would feel about it, so maybe at home would be best. Anyway, last night was fun and I'm glad we're making a tradition of it!

We found out recently that some good friends of ours are pregnant and today my cousin found out she is having a baby girl and Daniel's aunt and uncle are expecting too and it's really exciting to KNOW people who are about to become parents. I mean, we know people in the ward and stuff, but we're actually close to these people, and that makes it more exciting. I was talking to my mom about it today and she said that now is not our time for kids (which I definitely agree), and I told her we were going to start trying next fall-ish and she basically said, "I thought you would be pregnant by the time you graduated in April, but I'm glad you're going to wait a little longer!" I figure I have a better chance of getting a job if I'm not pregnant when I apply, and it would be nice if I could do some work while at home with my baby, not to mention maybe some benefits that would help us out a lot.

The roofers are finally here, meaning the weather will be nice for at least the next few days. It's still chilly out though and I don't like having to wear a jacket still. My mom likes to send me pictures of the beach too, and that definitely doesn't help.

There's still 3 weeks until the Memorial Day long weekend, I really hope I can make it that long. I just don't have the attention span to sit and listen for 2 hours at a time! My classes are in the transition between early and late afternoon too and I think the time frame is what messes me up. Luckily I usually have a snack to keep me awake, but it's been rough these last few days.

I've been so exhausted this week, I have no idea why. We've been so good at getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night for the last couple of weeks, but maybe it's too much? Whatever the case, I'm really looking forward to an alarm-less Saturday morning! Hopefully the roofers don't wake us up...

Our washer is still broken and Ruggles is still in the shop, sad day :(

But 5 more days until Daniel gets his MCAT scores!

-Daniel and Jenn


  1. You're going to be the cutest pregnant lady ever :). Too bad you won't be in Utah where I can see you whenever!

  2. you preggers is weird to think about...but since i get 40% off at gymboree i might start buying cute things now...