Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Sorts of Fun

On Tuesday I did pretty much nothing, and it was awesome. I signed up for my Independent Study classes and played a lot of Mario Kart and spazzed out about Daniel's MCAT scores. And it was wonderful! I definitely needed a lazy afternoon and I had enough energy to help make black bean soup with Daniel for the ward chili cookoff. My visiting teaching companion made cornbread muffins and I are more of those than chili. I can't remember the last time I had cornbread, it was like eating a little slice of heaven.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for my mono follow-up appointment and the doctor basically said I have anywhere between 2-12 weeks before I'm better. Um, cool? I did get him to print off a doctor's note for my school withdrawal forms though, which I turned in during the afternoon and by dinnertime it was like I never existed in my classes, talk about a quick turnover!

We're planning on spending Memorial Day weekend in Rexburg with Oliver and Heather, so on Thursday night we went to Wal-Mart to get an air mattress so we won't have to sleep on the floor in a couple of weeks (it'll also come in handy when we go camping, which we will hopefully do lots more of now that we have something nice to sleep on). It doesn't matter what day or what time of day it is, I always see a North Carolina car when I go to Wal-Mart. And on Thursday there were TWO. We also bought a beast of an air mattress and some sheets for it, so it was a successful trip overall. I also made a sweet logo in my Illustrator class and Elise suggested pepper jack cheese for our Grilled Cheese Thursday, so it was just a good day in general I think.

Daniel shadowed on Friday and came home around lunchtime. After eating he went to work and I went up to campus to work on my IS (Independent Study) classes. I started with American Lit but realized I didn't have the right books, so I switched over to Bible Lit and did a pretty decent amount of work, hopefully I'll be able to finish that one fairly quickly. We had epic nachos for dinner and then watched The Blind Side, which I really enjoyed. It was nice to hear southern accents and I've decided I want to be sassy like Leigh Ann Tuohy. We also talked about maybe participating in a mentoring program once I get better, which I think is a really great idea :)

Today started bright and early at 9am in order to eat and get ready for softball. The boys played and some of the wives came to hang out and it was nice to just be with girls for a little bit, we talked about babies and future plans and we laughed a lot and got to cheer our hubbies on to victory (the BBQ afterwards was pretty nice too). I didn't wear sunscreen though, and pretty much everyone got their first sunburn of the year. We went to the BYU baseball game after that, I made it to about the seventh inning before calling it quits, and Daniel was pretty much done too. We went to PC Laptops afterwards to pick up poor dead Ruggles and argued with the employees about their means of compensation for killing my laptop. They basically blamed it on the lack of quality in HP products and said they could get me $350 off one of their laptops, which start at about $1500, but we said no thanks and left before we got more upset. We went to Best Buy to see if there was some sort of laptop sale and I found a Dell for about $480 that I liked, but Daniel found an HP for $315 that I really liked so we went with that one. It was opened and returned, but there's nothing wrong with it, so now I have Ruggles II or R2

Now I have to take the stuff of Ruggles' hard drive and put it on R2, so that's the next big project. Hopefully I can transfer everything correctly, fingers crossed! We went to the bookstore to buy Office after Best Buy and Microsoft is putting out Office 2010 in July so I paid a few extra bucks and will get the upgrade when it comes out, I'm interested to see what it will be like. Maybe it will work really well with Windows 7, I don't know. Also, Windows 7 is pretty cool, I like it a lot!

The moral of the story: Don't bother with PC Laptops, they're a bunch of punks.

-Daniel and Jenn

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  1. You should pick up an external enclosure for your old laptop hard drive.

    That way you could transfer your files and keep your old hard drive as an external hard drive. You can get them online for like less than $20 shipped.