Saturday, June 27, 2009

Still 1800 miles apart and now a little less wise

Well, 13 days away from the wedding, but Jenn and I are still 1800 miles apart. I am still in Provo working and getting the house ready for Jenn while she is in North Carolina getting everything ready for the wedding. Oh, and getting her wisdom teeth (why are they called that anyway?) removed. She is recovering well after surgery on Friday. I wish I could have been there, because apparently she said and did some pretty funny stuff as the anesthesia wore off. Jenn is a trooper and won't let a major maxillofacial surgery stand in her way and had her bridal shower the next day. In the meantime, stuck in Provo, I have just been working, mostly at the Bean Life Science Museum making teachers aid kits using specimens for the museum. I also work at a molecular biology lab, but that has been less demanding this week. Additionally I am trying to get in better shape by running, hiking, and getting rid of my Wisconsin complexion (meaning pasty white). As the clock ticks, we'll keep you posted on wedding updates! We are so excited.

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