Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today, at 1:02pm, Daniel received this e-mail...

Daniel:  Thank you for your follow up written request and the explanation for it.

The committee met this afternoon and considered your request.  I’m pleased to inform you that they agreed to reinstate your acceptance to the entering class of 2011.  There is nothing you need do.  Your deposit is still valid, in house and holding a space in the entering class of 2011.

Daniel, congratulations again and please make sure you accept the scholarship before April 11th.


Michael Istwan
Director of Admissions  


Now that that's taken care of, we can move on to other important things, like the Final Four games this weekend! I'm pulling for Butler, mostly because I think Brad Stevens is a cutie...

This is the face of the NCAA, and I don't mind a bit!

Also, Ben and Amber are engaged! Their story is incredibly precious, and I will share it at a later time. I'm so excited to be getting another sister!

I will be buying these for my child, regardless of gender...

Still don't know what we're going to do about MCoW, please send good vibes our way!


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