Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holy (M)CoW

Yesterday I convinced Daniel to take his name off the acceptance lists at Madison and MCoW, seeing as how we had good options elsewhere and hadn't heard anything about scholarships or other financial aid.

Today Daniel received two letters, one from Wash U and another from MCoW. The letter from Wash U was about tuition, a fixed rate of $50,510/year for all four years, roughly $200,000 for tuition alone. We still haven't heard about financial aid, so hopefully that number will be lower.

The letter from MCoW made me sick...

Dear Mr. Lindsay:

It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that based on the credentials with which you have been admitted to the Medical College, you have been named a recipient of the V. Duane Rath Merit Scholarship. This full-tuition scholarship is awarded to a Wisconsin resident who has demonstrated outstanding potential for success in medical school. In addition to the first year, it is renewable for the following three years provided you achieve fully passing academic work while you are enrolled at the College.

More info about the scholarship, accepting it, etc....


Karen J. Marcdanta, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education
Medical College of Wisconsin

Are you kidding me?! Less than 24 hours after Daniel withdraws his spot he gets this?! We were both stunned. We are still both stunned. This changes everything.

First, we have to find out if MCoW will even take Daniel back at all. He'll be able to use the scholarship as part of his argument, but it'll still be difficult. But if they do take him back, that will basically seal our fate for the next four years, because it would be incredibly unfair for Daniel to get put back on the list and then go to Case or Wash U. Are we ready to commit without hearing back about financial aid from our other top choices?

And there's the financial vs. social aspect. From a purely monetary standpoint, MCoW is a no-brainer. We would have WAY less debt, starting a family would be more attainable, and we would have more opportunities to do things, like travel to NC for holidays.

But does Daniel want a MCoW degree on his wall when it could've been a Wash U or Case (or even Duke) one? Will his colleagues think less of him because he went to a "less prestigious" school?

Note: There is really no such thing as a "less prestigious" med school, it's hard work and dedication no matter where you go, it's just that some schools are more respected in the medical community than others.

Daniel says it's not the school that matters, it's the student. Harvard Med and MCoW graduates both have the necessary skills to be doctors, and if we save $200,000 in the process, how can we argue with that?

I just don't know. Maybe MCoW won't take Daniel back and we won't have to think about it anymore.



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