Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Durham, NC

The Faculty Committee on Admissions has completed interviewing and evaluating all of our candidates for admission to the 2011 entering class. You have been assigned a place on our wait list. We were enormously impressed with your scholarly achievements and experiences both of which demonstrate your potential as a future physician.  Therefore, we sincerely hope you will accept this position.

If you would like to accept this position on our wait list, there is nothing further you need to do.  It would be advisable to complete your FAFSA forms and other related financial aid documents in the event there is movement from the wait list.  Please do not contact the Office of Financial Aid until you are notified by the Office of Admissions offering you a seat in the class.  When and if this happens, the financial aid staff will promptly process your application and confirm any applicable aid should your status change.

We recognize that you may have already been accepted to a medical school you prefer over Duke and may wish to decline our offer to remain on Duke’s wait list.  If you would like to withdraw from the wait list, you may telephone the Office of Admissions and instruct us to remove you from the wait list or you may email Richard Wallace, the Associate Director of Admissions with your decision to be removed from the wait list.  In either case, we will ask you to verify your identity by providing your AMCAS ID number.

The status of accepted and wait listed applicants frequently changes after May 16, 2011 as individuals who have received an offer of admission from us choose to attend another institution (because May 15, 2011 falls on a Sunday, we are extending our deposit deadline through the close of business – 5:00 PM Eastern Time – Monday, May 16, 2011).  Please do not call the Office of Admissions with inquiries regarding your status on the wait list.  If you have any questions regarding the policies for accepted medical students (AAMC Traffic Rules) mandated by the AAMC, consult their website for clarification.

We also request that you update any changes to your telephone number, your mailing AND email addresses housed in your DukeMed Personal Account System.  This is extremely helpful since we must be able to reach you should your position on the wait list change.  We will try to reach you by telephone first (if the number listed is within the United States or Canada) and, if unsuccessful, we will then contact you through email.

Thank you for your interest in DukeMed!

Brenda E. Armstrong, MD
Associate Dean for Medical Education and
Director of Admissions

I'd like to turn the time over to Elliot Reid for my reaction...

Frick. Now what?

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