Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yada yada yada

So last week Daniel and I babysat Kimball's little ones while they went to Denver for Sharla's birthday. Daniel dropped me off after my classes and then went back to campus to finish his classes for the day. Natalie had a spaz attack when she woke up from her nap and realized I was not her mother, Kurt and Carie were very good at calming her down when she cried (which happened a lot more that I would've liked it to). We played all afternoon and Daniel came over around dinnertime. We played some more and then put the kids down. We did some homework and went to bed early in preparation for an early morning. Carie woke up crying at 5:30am because she was sad, so I stayed in her room with her until she went back to bed. I was awake by that point, so I took a shower and got myself ready for the day, then woke up Daniel so he could get going before the kids got up. By 7am everyone was up and we had breakfast and then watched The Incredibles. Daniel had to leave for class a little after 9am, and Natalie cried and cried when he left (he didn't even really do anything with her, Kimball and Sharla both said she just likes men way more than women). After the movie we played in the backyard and Kimball took me back home when he and Sharla got back. I worked from home that afternoon and went to bed early again, playing with kids all day is exhausting!

From this experience Daniel and I realized that we are not ready for kids at all. We also realized that we should have summer babies so Daniel can be around for the first little bit before disappearing at school for 8 months. Luckily we'll be near family wherever he decides to go to school, it'll be really nice to have a nice little support system!

On the topic of med school, Daniel took the MCAT this past Saturday! Here's his MCAT outfit:

After he got back we went to Provo Towne Centre to get tickets to see Date Night after dinner at Spicy Corea. Little did Daniel know that I invited his family to dinner with us! He was quote surprised and we all had a yummy meal and it was nice to see everyone, they're such a fun group! Date Night was great, I love Steve Carell and Tina Fey so seeing them together was hilarious!

On Sunday we had a little dinner party with our friends, Derek and Jen and Amy and Aden. We made spinach stuffed shells and ate yummy salad and some English treat that was banana cream pie-ish and amazing. We played this game about beans called Bohnanza and just talked for awhile, it's nice having good friends in the ward!

Classes are over and it's the second reading day. I'm taking a test today, one tomorrow, and two on Saturday, leaving one in-class final for Wednesday. Poor Daniel has an in-class final on Wednesday from 8-10pm! We were going to get away for a couple days, but because of that we're just going to hang out here instead.

Yesterday was the end-of-the-semester party at Kimball's, it was fun and we cooked hotdogs and s'mores over a fire and played bocce ball and I still smell like smoke. On our way over, we saw a note under the wipers of the car. It turns out Parkside is getting re-roofed next week and the roofing cars/trucks needs places to park, so all of the non-assigned parking spots and #13's assigned spot will be given to them Monday-Friday. So we get to park on the street. Cool. I don't really care that much, I just hope that the dumb kids who drive on our street will be careful!

As a thank-you for reading through this super long post, here's a hilarious video one of my friends put on Facebook last night...


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