Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're expecting...

More med school interviews soon!

What did you think think I meant? A baby? Psh, not for a while, thanks.

Anyway, we've been kind of freaking out because we've only heard from a few schools, but some investigation showed us that most schools don't start interviewing until mid-October, meaning they won't send out interview invitations until the beginning-ish of October, which is still like two weeks away. So all is not lost, yay!

We went home for a week to visit and bring Jordan out with us. I got tan and watched some thunderstorms on the back deck and ate at my favorite restaurants, so it was a successful trip.

Unfortunately, Jordan couldn't handle the stress of being so far away from home, so she's back in NC doing Independent Study this semester. I miss her, but I would rather her be happy at home than miserable out here with me.

It's already the third week of school, I can't believe it's moving so quickly! I'm really enjoying my classes and keeping busy, which is good because I would just waste my time on Mario Kart otherwise.

I really wish I had more to say after not writing for a month, but our lives are pretty monotonous these days. School, work, dinner, homework, sleep, repeat.

Oh, we got a new credit card, one of those Delta SkyMiles cards so we can use miles instead of dollars for Daniel's interview flights. We even set it up to where we can move our Wells Fargo funds to the American Express account so I don't have to write a check and potentially forget about it. That's cool, right?

-Daniel and Jenn

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  1. ooooo I totally fell for it! Ah I thought you were pregnant. sigh. I'm so gullible. Good luck with the college shopping.