Friday, November 18, 2011

Das Musik

I can listen to music on my computer at work, so Pandora has quickly become my friend. Here are some songs I'm currently obsessed with...

Cake - Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle

Cake's first single from the early 90s, but I've only recently discovered it

Jimmy Eat World - Coffee and Cigarettes

I may or may not rock out on air guitar every time I hear this song

The Killers - Spaceman

Did you know Brandon Flowers is a Mormon? True story

Jack's Mannequin - Spinning

Anything Andrew McMahon does is golden. Also, the music video for this song was filmed in my hometown, so that's pretty cool

Modest Mouse - The World at Large

I can hardly understand a word Isaac Brock says, but I still really like this song

In other news, life is good. A more complete update on our lives will get here eventually...


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