Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fear the Deer

Earlier this week, Daniel and I had the opportunity to go to a Bucks game for free! All we had to do was collect donations for Feeding America (formerly known as Second Harvest). We got to wear these sweet aprons...

And yell and collect money and pass out BOGO vouchers for a future game. Our seats weren't too bad either...

Unfortunately, the Bucks fell to the Hawks 97-92, which was kind of disappointing because they had just beat the Heat in Miami the night before. There were still some pretty sweet plays though, some of which you can see here. We do have a couple BOGO vouchers to the Knicks or Celtics game if you're interested in joining us...

We look like people who like to have fun, right?

Bango takes to the skies


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  1. We want to join in on some BOGO fun! Also we want to talk temple trip with you guys! Love your pictures!