Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Conversation at work today...

Coworker: Jenn, do you want to try something that may sound gross but I promise it isn't?
Me: Um, sure?
Coworker: Okay, it's plain yogurt, whipped cream, and Funfetti cake batter, but not with eggs or anything, just the powder batter stuff, and you mix it all together and dip Nilla Wafers in it.
Me: That doesn't sound gross, it sounds good!
Coworker: I know you like sweets, so that's why I asked.

It's good to know that this coworker validates my sugar cravings and that I can successfully help build an argument for plain-yogurt-whipped-cream-Funfetti-cake-batter-powder dip of deliciousness. If she gives me the recipe I'll share it here for you to try too!

Unrelated, but I'm totally digging this song right now...


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