Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The night we competed for the deep fried food consumption world record and also looked at cute animals

The Wisconsin State Fair is a magical place. We invited our new friends/neighbors, Nic and Janey, to join us in this land of wonder and amusement. Instead of parking at the fairgrounds, we parked at the Helm's house (thanks guys!) and walked over. Things started innocently enough...

Flavored milk for $0.25 a glass?! Yes please! Daniel's is root beer, mine is chocolate banana

Nic and Janey copied us (typical)

Then we got a little crazy...

Deep fried s'mores

The inside

Deep fried Snickers

The inside
(They were worth trying, but I probably wouldn't get them again)

Wisconsin's best

The famous cream puffs

Don't be deceived, we really only had two, we just traded the plate for picture purposes

Pork doughnut, basically a pulled pork sandwich on a sweet roll

After trekking all over the place, we found the holy grail

They were incredible
(Am I upset that my best picture of the night involves these bad boys? Not one bit)

I wish I would've filmed Nic's reaction upon discovering the Wienermobile

Nom nom nom

At this point, we were pretty jacked up on sugar and fat. We watched two rounds of racing and probably cheered/laughed/pleaded with the drivers to go faster/turn around/stop flipping over way too much

We found the goats! You could pet them, as long as you sanitized your hands

This little one wanted all the attention she could get. I kind of fell in love with her

We're pretty much best friends

Isn't she so cute?!

She's also FOR SALE. Birthday present maybe?
(Like how I didn't link right to her? You get to look at all the other little animals!)

What's cuter than a baby goat? A PILE OF BABY GOATS!

Holy giant cow!

Not pictured...
-Mini doughnuts with sugar (I have no idea how I missed that one)
-Deep fried white cheddar jalapeno cheese (probably my favorite, sad I didn't get a picture of it)
-The horse that bucked his rider during a show (the crowd clapped after a trick and spooked him)
-Bunnies as big as me
-The pig race (there was a food distraction, love it!)

Also, I couldn't find the record for the most fried food eaten in one evening, so I'm declaring Daniel, Nic, Janey, and myself as the (un)official world record holders...

At least until next year's State Fair!


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