Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Significant things that have happened since we've been home...

* Only a couple people at church asked if/when I was going to have a baby
* Shopping, shopping, and more shopping!
* P.T's and Chick-fil-A
* Daniel and Jacob scarred the possum in the garage for life, hopefully it won't come back anytime soon
* hyperboleandahalf has been read (caution: adult language in some posts)
* Jessie (the cat) has made herself comfortable in our laundry pile a couple of times
* I got to put my ornaments on the tree
* I realized how much I missed Southern accents
* We have lots of yummy treats (one of the perks of being in the bishop's family)
* Daniel has all of the sports coverage he could ever want
* Mom bought a whole box of Christmas tree cakes just for me
* Family Mario Kart parties
* And other things that I can't remember right now...

Happy holidays!

-Jenn and Daniel

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