Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Last night we celebrated 2011 with the east coast, then we went to bed before it was even midnight here. It's so refreshing to have a new year ahead of us and it's certainly going to be an exciting one!

Mostly we've spent this week watching all the football games, Daniel just can't turn away! It's been great having everyone together for the last time for at least a couple years, we've been sledding and eating awesome food and playing Wii games and we even made the Wisconsinite mecca to Lambeau Field. Everyone has left except me and Daniel, and we're looking forward to relaxing and enjoying time with Jeff and Kendra.

We fly back to Utah on Monday and school starts on Tuesday. It's crazy that this is our last semester, it seems like college just started! I didn't think I'd be able to finish is three years, but things are looking good and I'm so ready to be done! This will be Daniel's ninth semester, and adding a mission and internship means Daniel's ready to be done (with his undergrad, at least) too!

No med school updates for now, but we're expecting to hear back from a few other places in the next couple of weeks, we're excited to have more acceptances!

Happy holidays from the Lindsays!


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