Thursday, May 5, 2011

Info Overload

Ok, I have some time between loads of laundry to finally update! Here are a few important things that have happened lately...

* Bamber
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Ben and Amber dated in high school, then broke up before things got too serious. Amber wrote Ben every week of his mission and she joined the Church while he was gone. She finished her undergrad at UW-Madison in biology and came to BYU to receive her MPH (Masters in Public Health). They started dating again in December-ish, and came back to BYU together in January. Ben proposed in March at the Salt Lake airport after Amber returned to Utah from a trip to Mexico to visit her grandparents (they have a timeshare and leave Wisconsin for a few months every year). They're getting married in the Minneapolis temple on August 13, just in time to get back to Provo for school.

* Boise
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Unfortunately, Daniel's uncle (Kendra's brother-in-law), Jess, passed away right before the end of the semester. Jeff and Kendra were able to make it out for the funeral, and Daniel, Mark, Ben, and I made the trip up to Boise and back in 48 hours. On the way up, Grover ran out of gas, and it was very exciting to wave at cars as we were stranded on the side of the road. Luckily we met a very nice family who took Ben to get gas and help us get back on the road. Jess' service was beautiful and it was a good reminder that life is short so we should live to the fullest capacity.

* Graduation
(courtesy of my parents)

Graduation was kind of a blur in between packing and cleaning our apartment. My parents came in and we toured some classic Salt Lake sights (Temple Square, the Conference Center, Crown Burger, etc.), and they helped a TON with everything! My dad helped make sure Grover's back window didn't leak (among other things), and my mom scrubbed the bathtub until it looked brand new (among other things as well), and it made us both so happy to have such great love and support!

* Emmy
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I don't know what's wrong with R2, but he's never liked traveling very much. Every time I bring him with me on a trip, he gets messed up to the point where I have to wipe the hard drive and start all over again. I used to think it was just the x-rays at the airport, but when I tried to turn him on after driving to Appleton, I'm thinking it must be a pressure change or something because he wouldn't work right again. I still have Independent Study to finish, so I went to Best Buy and bought Emmy, a Dell Inspiron 14R. She's cute and pink and works like a champ. I moved all of R2's stuff over, so thankfully I didn't lost any important files, and it's been smooth sailing the whole time.

* Grandma Larson
(On the back deck of my house after mine and Daniel's wedding)

Grandma Larson (Kendra's mom) passed away last week after a short fight with cancer. We left for Salt Lake on Saturday and came back on Tuesday with two viewings and a funeral in between. It was a bittersweet experience for sure; we were glad because it was quick and she's reunited with Grandpa Larson, but it's hard not having her here. It's nice knowing she's not in any more pain.

* Independent Study
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Remember this time last year when I got mono? I signed up for my classes via Independent Study, meaning to work on them while I was sick, but never actually got around to doing so. I've been rushing through them over the last several weeks, and I'm finishing one next week and I have two 600-word papers, two midterms, and two finals to take after that. I'm supposed to have all of my work done by May 11, but that probably isn't going to happen, so I bought an extension today. $20 for an extra three months is way better than paying $30 per exam for expedited shipping, so now I technically have until August to get everything done. However, I am determined to finish within the next few weeks so I can finally start looking for housing and jobs and all that other fun adult stuff.

* Cinco de Sushi
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A couple of years ago, Daniel and I started a tasty tradition: Cinco de Sushi. The first year it was just us, last year we got a good sized group of friends, and today Mark joined us. We went to Koreana and it was good, I really liked the Love Love roll. My test of how good a sushi place is is by ordering a spicy tuna roll; the spicier the better! Koreana's wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. My favorite sushi place is Naked Fish's in Las Vegas, they've got a spicy tuna that will knock your socks off! But since we aren't planning on going to Vegas for awhile, I'll have to try out new places here, darn...

* Summer plans

Along with all this other fun stuff we have more plans! We're going to North Carolina for about a month and we'll be going to Girl's Camp together (me as a counselor, Daniel as the waterfront coordinator) and working on our tans at the beach and poolside. Meliah is having her baby girl next week, so I will be an aunt for a third time, it'll be fun seeing the new little one! We'll also start looking for an apartment and a job for me, hopefully I can find something good so we don't have to take out loans. Regardless, we're excited for the future and all of our fun plans!

I'll leave you with this, presented without comment...

Also, I have 17 followers now. I'm kind of a big deal.


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  1. Wow! You've been busy! LOVE the graduation pic! Good luck finishing classes and in your words "all the adult stuff" :) Love ya!