Friday, May 13, 2011

Posh pad

Tomorrow, Daniel and I are off to Milwaukee where we will tour about a dozen different apartments. Hopefully we will find "the one" and move in mid-July-ish (but I'm sort of hoping it's sooner than that). All week we've been talking about decor ideas and we have some awesome plans! Here are some of our favorites...

* I mentioned in a previous post my love of cheese grater lights. Since we'll be renting we probably won't be able to do any major projects, but I did find some cheese grater lamps that should suffice...

(Courtesy of Google Images)

I think I want to try taking of those multi-arm lamps (is that what you even call them?) and adding cheese graters to the ends.

* On Monday we went to Goodwill for a little bit and found the record section. We picked the best album covers we could find and decided that having an album wall would be awesome. I've been scouting out eBay and music websites for some cheap vinyl from our favorite artists and have been pleasantly surprised with the selection. We're hoping ours looks something like this...

(Both from Google Images)

* We got a Pier 1 gift card for our wedding, so we went to the store in Appleton today to check out the selection. Daniel pointed these out hanging on a wall and I was instantly smitten...

(Google Images)

So this isn't the exact thing, but I couldn't find a picture of all three of the Pier 1 ones together, so this is the best I could do. I don't know why I love these oversized utensils, but I do. Unfortunately, they run about $70 each, so we're going to have to save up before we can get them, but when we do, our kitchen is going to be the coolest kitchen ever!

I'm bringing my fancy "new" camera (it's one of Jeff's old ones that he passed on to me, it's still way nicer than anything I would buy myself) with me tomorrow to take pictures of each place so when we're reviewing them later we can actually see what they look like, I'll definitely be checking to make sure there's enough room for all of our decorating ideas!


PS: Daniel and I will be in Wilmington in exactly one month! Woo!

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