Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yay life!

What a difference a month makes. Here's what's happened lately...

* I AM EMPLOYED! Daniel stopped by the Employment Office at MCoW and talked to someone about finding a job for me; the lady he talked to encouraged me to apply for jobs and keep her posted on the ones I chose. I had several interviews and was basically offered my job at the end of the interview. The official job offer came a few days later and I started last Thursday (September 22). I'm an administrative assistant/receptionist/secretary for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). You can learn more about what that means by clicking here. I answer phones, take messages, schedule meetings, send e-mails, etc. and my computer screen is almost the size of our TV at home. I work on the second floor of the med school building, I park right across the street, and I have amazing health insurance. The best part is that Daniel and I ride up and back together every day, we have lunch together, and we work out most days after I clock out. Another perk is that I work closely with the doctor responsible for setting up summer research, so there's a really good chance Daniel will get paid to do summer lab work. Also, my boss is LDS and my 2.5 weeks of Christmas vacation were approved even though I won't have anywhere near that much vacation time until this time next year. I am so incredibly blessed!

* Daniel LOVES med school! He passed his first round of tests with flying colors and is so passionate about learning. He's discovered that he prefers watching the lectures on his own time instead of going to class, so he hangs out in the library for most of the day and goes at his own pace. He still goes to dissection three times a week, but he's Han Solo the rest of the time. He's shadowed a couple surgeries and has talked to plenty of people about what specializing. Right now he's leaning a bit towards cardiology or maybe anesthesiology, but he isn't even close to choosing. He's got plenty of time left, so there's no rush, and we just wish people would stop asking. He hasn't picked yet and he's still got plenty of time, okay?!

* Football (and other sports)! Unfortunately, BYU football hasn't been much of a powerhouse this season. We've pulled off a few wins, but most of the games have been ugly. Luckily, Wisconsin sports have been playing much better. The Packers are a force to be reckoned with, as are the Badgers and the Brewers. We definitely enjoy cheering our boys on each weekend and have enjoyed hanging out with friends at the same time. I've made these and these to show off my culinary skills and they've both been a hit. The cookie dough truffles are to die for, definitely my new favorite dessert!

* Fall. I miss Utah this time of year (did I really just admit that?!). The changing colors, football, Conference,  I took them for granted while we were there. Daniel promised to take me to Kettle Moraine soon, I'll bring my camera and take some pictures; hopefully they will convey the beauty of this beautiful (yet chilly) season. There's a frost advisory tonight, yikes! I am so not prepared clothing-wise, I desperately need some sweaters/long sleeve shirts for work. Maybe I can score some good stuff at Marshall's or Old Navy soon. I am certainly glad we have a nice warm down comforter for the bed!

Life is good right now you guys, it's feels good to be happy :)


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