Friday, February 24, 2012

Move Over, Barbie and Ken!

There's a new dream home in town.

It's no secret that I love scoping out potential places to live. My favorite cities to search include Las Vegas, Charleston, SC, and Charlotte, NC, but I've also started getting excited about Atlanta and Durham. Anyway, earlier today I was browsing the Las Vegas Keller Williams page and I think I found the one. I showed Daniel and he agreed that it might be the most amazing house he's ever seen.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Daniel and Jenn's favorite house ever: ta-da!

I am totally and completely in love! Daniel served about a mile north of there and approves of the area, plus it's 6 minutes to the church, 35 minutes to the temple, 30 minutes to Naked Fish, 20 minutes to the Strip, and 30 minutes to the airport.

We can't wait to have you all come visit :)


1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh that's not only beautiful but crazy cheap!! Wowza!