Monday, April 1, 2013

Infertility Adventures: IUI #3

Unfortunately, 3 was not a magic number for us. I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen, the timing was funny this time around. When I went in for my mid-cycle ultrasound on a Sunday, the doc said things looked good and that I should do an ovulation test twice a day until I got a positive. I tested and tested and finally got a positive on Thursday night. Saturday was the insem and then it was the usual waiting game. I wasn’t as bummed when my period started, I guess I was pretty much expecting it this time. I don’t know what kind of emotional plane I’m on when I start to expect my period after doing so much (and paying so much), but we’ve decided to take a break for a few months while we formulate another plan. I’m not testing or tracking or doing anything, I’m tired of dealing with it for now. Maybe I’m stressing about it too much. Maybe I need to not focus on it right now so I can have a clear mind while we figure out what to do next. Maybe I just need to let it go and put it entirely in God’s hands. I know good things come to those who wait, but I’m getting pretty tired of waiting!

I told Daniel I’d try one more IUI, but it probably won’t be until mid-summer-ish. The fertility clinic recently left the hospital and moved to Menomonee Falls (so the Froedtert fertility clinic is now at Community Memorial Hospital, because that makes sense) and Daniel starts rotations in July with surgery, so we may bump it up before his schedule gets too crazy. But for now, talk of babies and other associated things will be kept to a minimum. Thank you for your love and support while we decide where to go from here.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear things did not work out. You are not alone. Whatever decisions y'all make, I'm sure will be the right ones for your family. I wish insurance would cover infertility as an illness! I wish money could be refunded when things don't work out. I wish for a LOT of things. Sorry it didn't work, praying for you and hoping for the best :)