Thursday, March 28, 2013

Great in 8 - Week 7

No loss or gain this week, I’ve been really good at maintaining for the last few weigh-ins! I’ve taken a break from Yoplait Light (because it’s never on sale when I go shopping) and started eating dry cereal for breakfast. I like it because I can eat a little here or there and I don’t have to worry about it going bad if I leave it out. I do look pretty funny when I eat it though, so the fact that my desk is in a little office that doesn’t get a lot of traffic is a plus. I’ll probably go back to yogurt and stock up when it’s on sale, but cereal works for now. I can say that regardless of what I’m eating, breakfast is a huge help in getting my day going. I am not one of those people who can roll out of bed and into the kitchen, but cereal or yogurt or fruit a couple hours after I wake up is a great way to kickstart my metabolism!

I’ve been struggling with not eating or drinking after 8pm and I feel silly losing 5 points each day because I want some Triscuits or chocolate milk. We had a big work event this past Friday and Saturday and at dinner on Friday I was so good and refused dessert because it was served after 8pm. Have you ever had Maggiano’s chocolate cake?! I got to take some leftovers home though, so I was able to get my chocolate fix at a more appropriate time.

Favorite workout song of the week - Mood Rings by Relient K
This gem popped up on Pandora the other day and I sang along as loud as I could. This is a good song to walk/run to, it has a solid beat so you can stay on step. These guys (along with Hellogoodbye!) are coming to town in May, I’m looking forward to it!

Our meals were pretty standard this week, nothing too exciting one way or the other. I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 weeks already. It’ll be April in just a few days, what?! Almost time to bust out my white shoes!


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