Monday, March 18, 2013

Great in 8 - Week 6

I gained a pound this week. But it’s easy to see where it came from. Last Tuesday we had the Sisters over and Daniel made beef and broccoli. Wednesday was Sarah’s birthday so I bought Firehouse for her and and Janey and we had a picnic at school, then we had amazing cake and ice cream later that night. On Thursday we went to Chipotle for dinner with Matt and Courtney, and then we played Zombies and ate pie to celebrate March 14. On Saturday we went to Wendy’s and then on Sunday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a traditional meal (corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and soda bread) and the Ratto St. Patrick’s dessert, leprechaun pie. And I only walked a couple days because Nic’s parents were in town for spring break so Janey couldn’t stay after work. I did have my Yoplait Light though and I felt much better eating it instead of cereal. Daniel and I are leaning towards IVF right now and I know it’ll take a big toll on my body, so I really need to be better about what I put in my body and what I do to it!

Favorite workout song of the week - One Day by Matisyahu

I used to stretch out to this song after zumba. It’s a nice way to cool down and slow down without listening to something you’d hear in a spa!

Recipe WIN - Celery and peanut butter
That’s it, folks. Nothing fancy, just celery and peanut butter. Maybe some chocolate chips or raisins if you have them around. The end.


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