Friday, June 4, 2010

O hai!

We spent the long weekend in Idaho with Oliver and Heather and Kacey and Tyler and it was fun! I'm glad we don't live there though, we basically did everything Idahoans do in one weekend - temple trip, Yellowstone, Big Jud's, ice caves, and shooting. It was a nice trip though, but Yellowstone and the ice caves back to back was sort of tiring, so I was worn out towards the end. Here are some pictures...

Yesterday I finally moved all my stuff from Ruggles onto R2 and nothing got lost! It's so great to have my music and pictures and documents back!

Today I got my mono get well soon box from my fabulous in-laws. There's chocolate and Burt's Bees and good smelling bath stuff and little snacks and drinks and vitamins and I feel better already!

Tomorrow is Jordan's birthday and next Saturday is her high school graduation. It makes me sad that I can't be there to share this happy time with her. She's got lots of support at home though, so that's nice. It'll be even better when we're all out here together in the fall, I'm so excited!!!

Bits of randomness...
* Our parking lot got repainted over the long weekend, we now have the widest spot by 5 inches
* Daniel really likes garden cheddar Goldfish
* Every few months our tub drain starts to get backed up. We e-mailed our landlady earlier this week to tell her it's time to have it snaked again, and she hasn't gotten back to us yet. When we came home from work today, we found it at a standstill. Awesome. So hopefully we get that fixed soon, because that's just gross
* The TV show "Planet Earth" is flipping AWESOME, and listening to Daniel react to some of it is hilarious too

-Daniel and Jenn

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