Tuesday, February 1, 2011

EmU and WashU

Daniel got an interview invitation to Emory University in Atlanta! It's kind of late in the interview season (interviews end February 28, Daniel's is February 21), but we're interested enough in Emory that we thought it was worth checking out. I'm going with him and will scope out some potential places to live if we end up there. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE apartment hunting on Craigslist! I don't know what I'll do once we actually move, I guess I'll have to get a real hobby or something. I found this AMAZING place, and if Daniel gets accepted and we decide to go to Atlanta, this is where we will live...

Click me!

Click on the link for the pictures. Isn't it beautiful? And it's in our budget! I love it so much!

Also, Daniel got accepted to Washington University in St. Louis! I'm excited for the acceptance, not so much for the St. Louis part though. It's far away from both of our families and St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the US (this is the research TA in me - source, source). I've done some Craigslisting and found a few good places, but I'm still not sold on the idea. We're thinking of going out for the second look weekend in April, but we might not because we'll know about everywhere else by then and it may not be worth it if we get accepted to Duke or Emory or the other Case program.

I hate being stuck! Can we just fast forward a few months please?


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  1. love that apartment! And Atlanta would be really fun. :D Good luck!