Friday, February 25, 2011

Now You Know

People ask us all the time if Daniel's picked a place to go to med school yet. And the answer is the same. It's been the same for the last month and it's probably not going to change for at least the next week and a half.

Short answer: We still haven't heard back from everywhere yet.

Long answer: We still haven't heard back from everywhere yet, but we've narrowed it down to three schools (Duke, Mayo, and Wash U), except Daniel hasn't even heard back from Duke yet (we're at the 1.5 week countdown though) and he's on the hold list at Mayo, so the only school on our list that he's actually been accepted to is Wash U and I don't really want to go there so I'm rooting for Duke, but Mayo would be good too, and starting March 1 Mayo is going to start taking names on the hold list and rejecting them or putting them on the wait list, and if Daniel gets put on the wait list he can withdraw his application on his own or wait it out and the only sure thing is that he'll have a "yes" or "no" from Mayo by the time school starts in August, and since we've already sold our contract here we have to be out by April 25, and both of our families have offered their home to us for the summer, but we'll probably end up in Appleton because it's more centrally located than Wilmington and we've decided that if we go to Appleton then we'll wait until our anniversary (July 10) and make our final decision then.

I like the short answer better.


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  1. I'm impressed that you did the long answer in one sentence.