Monday, February 7, 2011

GB Love

This post is dedicated to the Packers. They know how to avoid turnovers and play a good game. In honor of the game, I made a cheesehead cake! I've been watching Cake Boss on Netflix lately and decided I could make a cool cake too. I used a free trial of Amazon Prime to get the pan here in like a day and I found this AMAZING product that gets the cake out without any of it sticking. It was awesome!

On Sunday we broke our fasts with Packeroni and cheese! I took half of the cooked noodles and added some food coloring and boom! Packeroni and cheese

I've decided that it's impossible to hate Aaron Rodgers. I particularly love this story my father-in-law shared the other day. Did you know A-Rod had a moustache? Check it...

He also cleans up nicely...

I also thinks he sometimes looks like a sad puppy dog...

(it's not the best, but this was the best example I could find)

Cheer up, Aaron Rodgers!

Much better!

And what would a Packers-related post be without THIS...

(thanks to Beyonce for making such a catchy song)

Since posting the ad for our apartment on Friday night, we've had three different couples stop by and check it out! It would be awesome to check this off the list of stuff to do, one less thing to worry about!

On another totally unrelated note, I LOVE this song...


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