Thursday, May 3, 2012


In my dream last night, I was at a med school thing with Daniel. It started at 1pm, so we showed up at about 12:45pm and got good seats. By 12:57pm the place was pretty much full, and then someone asked me to move to the back of the room so another med student could have my seat.

I FROKE out.

I started yelling about how this was important for me and I wanted to spend time with my husband and it was unfair that I was being forced to move even though I had gotten there at an appropriate time. And then I ran away.

My friend Emily followed me and reassured me that everything would be okay and things would work out. Then my Aunt Kelly was there and she gave me a piece of paper with advice on how to make each day count, with or without your spouse.

After all that, I felt better. But then I was embarrassed about making a scene, so I stayed outside until the thing was over.

I think my brain was trying to tell me something. Sometimes, med school is going to suck. Daniel's going to be studying for Boards or on rotations or changing his mind about his specialty and sometimes I'll be by myself and it'll be frustrating. But it's important to remember that we'll be okay. We need to make the most of the time we have together and remember the good times instead of the bad. Hopefully this was just a reminder instead of foreshadowing...


PS: Do you like how exact my times were? Sometimes my mind remembers the weirdest stuff...

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