Thursday, February 14, 2013

Great in 8 - Week 1

Week 1 was rough. I had my second IUI first thing last Monday and it didn’t got so well (but that’s another story). Then I caught a cold and fought that last Wednesday-Sunday. I ate a lot more fruits and veggies though, and even though I ate a couple of servings of “bad” food everyday, I lost 3.5 pounds! What?! I don’t know if it was just a fluke or if keeping most of the junk out of my body really is the key, but it was definitely the motivation I needed to kickstart this week! Now, I’ve watched The Biggest Loser enough to know that the first few weigh-ins are the most drastic ones. I won’t lose 3.5 pounds every week. But Yoplait Light (apple turnover is my new fave) and Just Dance are helping me get there, so at least it’s a fun ride.

The one thing about eating healthier is that it's so darn expensive! Daniel and I spent $150 at Pick 'n Save for just the two of us for a week's worth of healthy foods. Ouch! I wish good foods were subsidized the way corn and sugar are.

Last Saturday we had a Fresh Start! activity at church. We had a healthy breakfast, learned about how to set and keep goals/resolutions, and had a mini yoga lesson. I also have a TON of new recipes to try, so hopefully I find some winners!

Favorite workout song of the week - Aaron's Party (Come Get It) by Aaron Carter
I remember turning my Discman all the way up and jamming to this song in the back of my mom's van in elementary school. It's a really fun warm-up song; it gets the blood pumping and you can't help but want to move around!

Recipe FAIL - Fruit pops
Look how beautiful these are...


I looked at these and thought I can totally do this. Since not all of the fruits in the recipe were in season, I decided to mix it up a little bit - kiwi, lemon, and lime. So I bought like $20 worth of fruit and went to work. I looked over the recipe and decided my fruit didn't need the extra sugar because it was ripe/sweet enough. I make the kiwi layer just fine, then Daniel came home and helped with the rest.

Instead of separate lemon and lime layers, we mixed it up even more and did an orange-lemon-lime layer on top of the kiwi (Daniel's idea). We topped it off with a mango layer and let them sit overnight.

After dinner the next day, we popped a few out of their little cups and starting chipping away. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in a recipe! It was so tart and tasted almost bitter, the flavors did not blend AT ALL. The mango layer was pretty good and the kiwi was tolerable, but that orange-lemon-lime layer was a disaster! I felt bad because we could’ve used those fruits in so many other ways and I wasted it all! So note to self: You are not a master chef. Follow the directions next time!

Recipe WIN - Fried zucchini
Slice some zucchini, lightly fry it on the stove, and add a few shakes of soy sauce. No pictures, but trust me, YUM!


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  1. A friend of mine, Stefani over at the blog Simply Stefani suggested your blog to me! We are at the beginning stages of IUI and have been TTC 2.4 years. Check out my blog, I'd love to talk and compare stories to have another friend in the struggle! Hope everything has been working out so far for you!