Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly wrap up

After the excitement of last week, we all enjoyed a calm week!

On Monday night, Daniel and I watched The Saratov Approach on Netflix. I liked it, but I'm so glad Matthew isn't close to mission age!

On Tuesday, Matthew and I went to the grocery store. Matthew's favorite part was playing with the bags as I put the food away.


At the gym on Wednesday, the child care director offered me a staff (paid) position since there are several spots opening up in a few months. I accepted but asked that I be moved to the "big kid" area instead of being on baby duty. I haven't heard back from the director, but I hope it works out!

Also on Wednesday, we went to Yo Mama for lunch with friends because it was Weightless Wednesday - any size cup with any toppings and it was only $3! A fun way to spoil dinner and Daniel was able to stop by for a bit too!

In the afternoon, we watched Jaron and Shelly's cute baby, Jaden. This picture is a good reason why I need to be moved from the baby area at the gym day care, these poor kids are helpless against Matthew!

Thursday was a big day because Wisconsin played UNC in the Sweet 16. We had dinner in front of the the TV and Matthew was a buffer.

Wisconsin pulled out the win, but it was close for most of the game!

On Friday we had our friends, Chris and Nicole, over for dinner. Daniel baked salmon and asparagus and we had salad and bread too. Matthew was a great eater and then he decided to projectile vomit in the kitchen, trapping Chris and Nicole on one side of the room. I almost died of embarrassment. Matthew was totally fine (our guess is he ate too much) and Chris and Nicole were really good at pretending it wasn't a big deal, but it looks like it might be awhile before they come back over.

This weekend has been nice, except Matthew had a bit of a fever yesterday. He was extra snuggly though, so it wasn't all bad. Tomorrow Matthew and I are going to Utah to show Jillian around BYU! I'm excited to go back!

Something I love right now: Summerfest
Daniel and I have seen Cake and Imagine Dragons at Summerfest and this year's lineup looks awesome! Especially since this guy will be there...

Hello, Mr. McMahon!

If you want to visit, we have a third bedroom and a cute kid!


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