Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly wrap up: Utah edition

We spent the week in Utah! Jillian got accepted to BYU for fall semester, so we spent a few days exploring Provo and Salt Lake. Matthew slept for about 30 minutes in the car on the way to O'Hare on Monday so I was expecting a nice flight with a snuggly, sleeping baby. Um, WRONG! This kid had no desire to sleep, despite my many attempts to get him to settle down. We blessedly had an empty seat next to us, so Matthew spent most of the 3 hours looking out the window and eating snacks. I also brought a magazine with lots of pictures of babies, as well as a photo album with a bunch of pictures of himself (Matthew loves looking at pictures/videos of babies and himself).

My mom and Jillian arrived in Salt Lake before I did, they met us at the airport and we took off to visit Aunt Iris, my Pop's sister. She's in the middle of a service mission and is in charge of the titles for all the mission cars in North America, which sounds really overwhelming. She has a cute apartment right up the street from Temple Square and walks to work most days.

Aunt Iris and my mom

We went to dinner at IHOP in Sandy and had just ordered our food when Matthew started having a meltdown. He was tired and hungry, so I made a bottle and he drank half of it in 30 seconds. He still wasn't happy, so I gave him some Veggie Straws and he ate those, then threw up everywhere. I went to the bathroom to clean him up while Mom wiped down the table and Jillian asked for our food to go. We quickly drove to Daniel's aunt (Cara) and uncle's (Scott) house in Highland, cleaned Matthew some more, and put him to bed. We ate our dinner and went to bed even though it was fairly early, funny how sitting on a plane all day can wear you out!
On Tuesday we spent the day in Provo. We took a tour of campus in a golf cart, went to this devotional, and had lunch at the Creamery with Michelle and Gerilyn!

Michelle is probably selling her soul and transferring to the U in the fall :-(

I love everyone in this picture!

After lunch, we walked around campus some more and checked out the Wilk, the new Life Science Building, the Smith Fieldhouse, the RB (including a brief stop in the room where Daniel and I met), the MOA (where Daniel proposed), and the Harold B Lee Library, where I visited my old workplace on the second floor...

There's no place like LIIL!

After BYU, we went to University Mall to look for prom dresses for Jillian and were unsuccessful. We had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (it wasn't that good, but the memories!) and listened to the girls at the table next to ours talk about the pros and cons of waiting for missionaries, among other things (I do not miss BYU problems). We drove back to Scott and Cara's and I put Matthew to bed while Mom and Jillian turned back around to have a late dessert with friends who used to live in Wilmington. I got to hang out with Cara and Scott and it was fun to visit, I hadn't talked with them in a looong time!
On Wednesday we spent the morning hanging out until lunchtime, when we picked up Daniel's brother, Mark, from campus and went to Zupas (by far the restaurant I miss most). We met up with my friend and her son, Jen and Henry. Jen and Derek were in our ward and were also married on July 10, 2009, so we were instant friends! Jen is due with Baby Boy #2 in June, but you can't even tell!

After lunch, Mark and I were able to visit Meliah's sister, Julie, and her husband and new baby, Curtis and Colin. It was so fun to catch up and hold sweet Colin! Julie pushed for several hours and then had a c-section (sound familiar?), she's definitely recovering way better than I did!

I see so much of Julie in him!

We dropped Mark off at campus (I can't believe we didn't get a picture with him!), we went to Riverwoods and Provo Towne Centre for more prom dress shopping. There were a few cute ones, but nothing that was a true winner, so we left empty handed. We went to JDawgs for dinner (they have a shop at Thanksgiving Point), Matthew was not really a fan, he had more Veggie Straws and yogurt melts than hot dog.

We went to bed early that night!
Matthew woke up at least once every hour starting at 1am on Thursday. By 6:30am, I was at my breaking point. Mom decided to find an urgent care, so we left at 7am and drove around American Fork until their InstaCare opened up.

Poor kid had another ear infection! We picked up his medicine, stopped by Kneaders for a sugary breakfast pick-me-up, then went back to Scott and Cara's. Matthew fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep just long enough for me to take a shower. Mom and Jillian left to spend the day in Salt Lake and Matthew and I spent the afternoon on the couch watching HGTV.

Matthew looks like a GIANT. I look pretty good for only 3 uninterrupted hours of sleep, right?

I didn't get a chance to go to Temple Square or the Conference Center and that bummed me out, but it was a good idea to chill with Matthew for the day. Matthew went to bed early and we packed up and went to bed early too!
Matthew slept all Thursday night! Mom had to come in and wake me up on Friday! I was hoping for an easy ride back, but the flight was pretty much the opposite of Monday's. I was in a middle seat between two men, Matthew slept for about 20 minutes and then cried and wiggled around and was generally a handful for the rest of the time. The guy with the aisle seat got up and walked around for a bit, he was not a fan of sitting by us! The man with the window seat asked if I wanted to switch with him, and that helped calm Matthew down a bit and also gave me a little more room to play with him. I've decided that I'm not flying with Matthew by myself anymore unless something crazy happens and I absolutely have to. Or until he turns 2 and I have to buy a ticket for him. I was so happy to see Daniel when we got home!
Yesterday we had the Chambers Court Easter party! There was an egg hunt and Matthew "found" 2 eggs and was so happy to shake them! There are some rouge jelly beans as a result of the shaking, but he had fun!

Something I love right now: General Conference
Every 6 months, Mormons gather together for General Conference - twelve hours of sermons and lessons from Church leaders and officials spread across a weekend. They occur in April and October and each typically has an overall theme. This weekend was all about strengthening marriage and family, which I loved! I feel like there was less focus on the nuclear family and more "strengthen the family you have," which I also loved, since there are lots of different types! Because it was Easter, there was also a lot of emphasis on Christ and his crucifixion. I really enjoyed the video the Church put out this year...

Because He lives, so can you!


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