Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekly wrap up: Birthday edition

We celebrated Matthew's birthday this week! And we were all sick this week! It's been a long week!

On Tuesday I woke up with gunky eyes and a headache. I figured it was a sinus infection. I went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast/play time with Emily C and Emily P and their kids, it was a nice pick me up!

We were basically the only ones there and it was awesome!

Daniel was off on Tuesday, so I went to the walk-in clinic while he stayed home with Matthew. Because I was coughing, they made me wear a mask, which I realized about 15 minutes in that I had on upside down. I was grateful when they called my name so I could take it off!

Not only did I have a sinus infection, but bronchitis and pink eye too! I texted the Emilys and told them I may have accidentally gotten them sick, then wondered around Walgreens waiting for my prescription to be filled. I'm getting better, but I still have a stupid cough. I'm running a 5k in about a month and NEED to start training. Hopefully I can kick this yuckiness soon and get back to normal.
Matthew woke up with gunky eyes on Wednesday. I was sure it was pink eye and set up an appointment with Dr. Barkimer that afternoon. Daniel was off in the morning, so I was able to do my shift at the gym without Matthew spreading germs! Dr. Barkimer saw it was pink eye right away and prescribed an ointment. He said to call if Daniel got it and he'd write up something for him.
I was nervous about Matthew's eyes because Thursday was Matthew's smash cake shoot. I made this cake with a few tweaks and made it a cake, not cupcakes. You guys know I'm not some crazy health nut, I picked this cake because it was the only one I found that didn't use bananas (Matthew can't stand any type of banana). To balance out the healthiness of the cake, I used a jar of Betty Crocker frosting! Here's the final product...

No joke, this might be the most domestic thing I've ever done

Emily C came over to take the smash cake pictures and I LOVE how they turned out! I took this one on my phone...

And here are a few of my favorites from Emily...

The backgrounds were giant TV boxes from Best Buy wrapped in wrapping paper from Target, I think they looked so cute!
Friday was Matthew's actual birthday! Daniel woke up and felt awful (he didn't get pink eye but got a nasty sinus infection/sore throat), so he stayed home for the day. After breakfast I took Matthew's 12 month picture...

Then made a compilation of the past 12 months...

He's changed so much but looks exactly the same!

Unfortunately, it rained Friday afternoon and flooded the front lawn, so we had to push his picnic party back a day. I wanted to go do something to celebrate, but Daniel still wasn't feeling good and I didn't want to go without him, so I bought myself some cookie dough and that made me feel a little better.
On Saturday my friend/former roomie, DaNae, came up from Chicago to visit! She was a good sport during Matthew's party, the weather was AMAZING for a picnic (Daniel and I got a bit sunburned)!

Sandwiches, chips, fruit, cupcakes (not pictured), water

Matthew loves fruit!

He also loves cupcakes!

The picnic party was a success! Everyone got plenty to eat and we had fun hanging out on the lawn!

DaNae and I went on a Sprecher tour (that's my go-to thing when people visit), except it was more like a let's-walk-through-a-couple-rooms-while-I-awkwardly-try-to-think-of-things-to-say than a real tour, this guy didn't know much about Sprecher at all, which was really disappointing! The soda did not disappoint though, DaNae loved the Cream Soda while I couldn't get enough of my favorite Puma Kola.

We stopped by Kopp's for a snack, then tried to drive around downtown, but we ended up by the port because of construction. DaNae and I were able to catch up, which was great, so we didn't mind driving aimlessly for a bit. When we got back, Matthew was up from his nap, so we decided to go back downtown to the river walk and see the Bronze Fonz.

Thumbs up!

We walked around some more, found a few cute shops, and finished the day at Pizza Shuttle... 

It was so great to see DaNae, we will definitely hang out more now that she's so close!
Since last week was General Conference, we didn't wear our Easter outfits. Daniel didn't go to church today, but I made him get dressed for an Easter picture anyway. Matthew looks so grown up here!


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