Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekly wrap up

I usually type these posts up on Saturday or Sunday night. I really should do a little daily post and post them all at the end of the week. Anyway, I didn't blog last week because we were too busy having an AWESOME weekend with friends!
Things that happened last week...

Matthew had his 1 year check up! He is growing really well and Dr. Barkimer didn't have any concerns. Matthew had to have 3 shots and a blood draw and those were NOT fun. But we were both brave and made it through okay!

Height: 31" (83%)
Weight: 25 lbs 3 oz (94%)
Head circumference: 47.8 cm (91%)

Matthew's battle wounds

We also got passes to the awesome Betty Brinn Children's Museum downtown! We're excited to use them a lot!

Matthew got the Melissa and Doug Band in a Box for his birthday and he loves using all the instruments, especially the maracas...

On Saturday we went to Madison with the Pughs and Christiansens. We've been to Madison a handful of times but were able to see a lot more than we have before. The weather was fantastic and we had so much fun with our friends!

I took this picture of the Capitol building, I think it's cool

1) An empanada from the Stella's booth at the Farmers' Market (they ran out of spicy cheese bread twice while we were in line, so we settled for these)
2) My BOSS parallel parking job. Daniel coached me through it, it was amazing
3, 6, and 10) Checking out the animals at the Henry Vilas Zoo
4) A super cute couple with a super cute goldendoodle. The kids went nuts!
5 and 7) Hanging out at the Capitol
8 and 9) Scenes from The Pine Cone, a truck stop halfway between Madison and Milwaukee. The food wasn't great, but the desserts made up for it!

On Sunday we skipped church and went to brunch at Cafe Hollander. And it was delicious. We had to wait for awhile because there were a lot of us, but it was so worth it!

Things that happened this past week...

On Monday we went to the Children's Museum...

Sam and Matthew could be brothers!

...and a Brewers game!

Matthew lasted about 1.5 innings before just wanting to run around. Luckily there were a lot of friends at the game too, so we were able to meet up with them and let the little ones play together. The Brewers lost, but we still had a good time!

I started my new job at the WAC! It's weird to call it a job, I only work 5-6 hours a week, but I'm getting paid! We'll lose a lot of government benefits in a few months when Daniel starts residency, so it's nice that I can bring in a little extra money. 

This is not a great picture, but it shows Matthew's love of books and Daniel's love of reading. I especially enjoy Daniel's little embellishments, like this one: "When he opens the door and feels how chilly it is, he'll ask to borrow a sweater, even though he's a full-grown moose and was outside without a sweater two minutes ago."

I booked my flight home for Jillian's graduation in June! Daniel is going to stay home with Matthew, so I will be baby-free for 4 days! I know I'll miss them a lot, but I'm excited about being able to do whatever, whenever with my family.

I took a shower this morning and came out of the bathroom to find this...

A small tornado tore through our living room and ended up asleep on the couch!

Something I love right now: Sling TV

Sling TV was basically made for me. It's like a mini cable package without a cable subscription! We get 20-ish channels (ESPN, HGTV, Food Network, History, and A&E being our favorites) and it's $20/month. It's internet based, so we stream it on our Xbox One (Daniel's graduation present to himself) and we can watch live TV and it's no problem. Thanks to Sling TV, we've gotten sucked in to this season of Married at First Sight (we love Sean and Davina!) and Daniel starts his mornings with SportsCenter. It's fun to discover new shows and watch some favorites too!


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