Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekly wrap up: Graduation

Daniel is officially a doctor! We had so much fun celebrating the end of the medical school chapter of our lives!

My Mother's Day gift was a pedicure with Daniel. Yes, with Daniel. We went during Matthew's naptime and I had fun! Daniel probably won't do it again, but at least I got him to do it once.

Daniel is incredibly ticklish. I was impressed at how much restraint he had!
My favorite graduation event was the senior gala! We got dressed up and had a fun night out! I wore heels for the first time in ages and loved seeing everyone excited for graduation.

I LOVE this picture

The art museum is behind us, but you can't really tell

Photo booth fun with Zack and Emily!
One of the optional graduation events was the hooding ceremony. If you get your doctorate, you get a hood. The point of the hooding ceremony is to recognize and thank someone you feel significantly helped and/or mentored you during your time at MCW. Daniel asked our friend (Ryan) Bagley to hood him, which I think was a nice gesture. Bagley introduced Daniel to rad onc, helped get him a few research projects in the department, gave him advice about interviewing and ranking, and was just a great resource in general. Bagley's finishing up his residency and moving to Colorado at the end of June. I'm so grateful Daniel had someone to turn to when he had questions about the specialty!

Here are a few more pictures from the hooding...

The stage. Just testing the light with my mom's fancy camera

Daniel in the crowd

Blurry-ish action shot, Bagley is on Daniel's right

Right before going to his row

My mom spent the ceremony out in the hall with Matthew. I'm so glad she was able to keep an eye on him for me

We went back to the school to take some pictures there...

The evening of the hooding ceremony was the senior dinner. Daniel and I did not have a very good time. We didn't know anyone at our table, our food was late, and we had to pay for our drinks. BUT Daniel won a microbiology award and $100, so it wasn't a total bust.

Daniel about to get his award
And suddenly it was graduation!

Stephen and Meliah and their kids were able to come down, they were all so well-behaved! Mom and Matthew spent more time out in the foyer, but I went out with Matthew so she could come in and watch the recessional.

We went to dinner at Pizza Shuttle for dinner...

 And that was the end of graduation week!

I'm SO proud of Daniel and all the hard work and effort he put into these last 4 years. I know we've still got a long way to go before it's all over, but it's going to be our greatest adventure yet!
Highlights from our trip to DC coming soon!


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