Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekly wrap up

On Monday we celebrated Star Wars Day and also Cinco de Sushi (a day early). I have a Star Wars shirt that I got in high school and it doesn't fit the way it used to, but I couldn't NOT wear a Star Wars shirt on Star Wars day! We got sushi from Ginza, our go-to place here that has Groupons occasionally. The weather was great for a picnic, so we all had dinner on the front lawn!

Also on Monday I went and got a real bra fitting. Yes, I am 25 and had never been properly fitted. It wasn't too awkward/weird and I'm now wearing the right size and it's an amazing difference!
On Tuesday I spent the morning at the WAC, then ran a few errands in the afternoon while Matthew napped. Daniel had a meeting at school in the evening, so Matthew and I went to a great Cinco de Mayo party at the home of some dental school friends. We had homemade tamales, fantastic guacamole, and lots of dessert! Daniel was able to come for a bit, he had just enough time to have a bite to eat before I handed off Matthew and went out with some girlfriends to see a movie. We were going to see Age of Adaline, but it sold out right before we got to the ticket counter. We weren't going to let a girl's night go to waste, so we decided to go bowling instead! I'm not a very good bowler, but no one seemed to care about the score too much!

Cassi, Emily C, me, Nina, Emily P
(Cassi's photo)
On Wednesday we spent a good chunk of the day being lazy at home. Then we put on our Brewers gear and went to Miller Park! MCW sponsored a tailgate prior to the game, I had never done that before and it was so fun!

A few of the famous Klement's Racing Sausages

The arch on the east side of the stadium

A good chunk of the LDS M4s - Alex, Britlyn, Jessica, Zack, Daniel

The Polish Sausage won the race...

...and our section won key chains!

The Brewers beat the Dodgers 6-3 and there were fireworks and it was a fun night!
Thursday was a gorgeous day! I took Matthew to my shift at the WAC and there were friends outside on the front lawn when we got home. Matthew has been into moving quickly and climbing everything lately. I should've kept a better eye on him, but he totally rolled down the hill on the lawn and fell face-first onto the cement sidewalk. He was so sad! Poor kid scraped up his face pretty good.

After naptime, we went back outside to play in the sprinklers. The kids would play in the water for a few minutes, then go run off and do something else, then come back again. I was turning the water back on and all of a sudden Janey scooped Matthew up and ran him over to me - he had fallen down the cement steps to their building and already had a swollen bump on the side of his head. I was ready to go in and call it a day at that point, luckily Daniel got home from the gym shortly after and helped give Matthew a bath and calm him down. We had dinner and were winding down for the day when Daniel sat Matthew on the edge of the couch and reached over to get a drink. I was across the room and watched Matthew fall off the couch onto his back. I couldn't react fast enough to catch him! So Matthew hit his head on all 4 sides. Just in time for graduation pictures next week. He's okay (no concussion or lasting issues), I'm just embarrassed/heartbroken I let my little man get so beat up in one day!
On Friday I went to yoga for the first time in ages. It was a great class though, definitely my favorite of all the ones I've been to! I made a Target run afterwards, then took Matthew inside right away so we wouldn't be tempted to stay out and play and injure ourselves. Daniel spent the morning on campus and came home at lunch time with Firehouse! I went down to the lakefront to pick up mine and Cassi's packets for the Color Vibe 5K. It was so hot in the afternoon, we left all the windows in the living room and kitchen open to try and get some air circulating!
I woke up at 5:45am on Saturday and I was freezing! It cooled off a lot overnight and the cold air came right in our open windows. I went back to sleep for a little bit and got up at 7:15am to get ready for the run. Cassi and I left at 8am and made our way to the starting line/Zumba party as soon as we got to Veterans Park. The race was split up into several heats and Cassi and I were in the second one, which ended up being perfect for us!

Before (so clean!)

People everywhere!


Cassi and I ran together the whole time and finished right around 30 minutes! I hardly trained and it felt pretty good to keep a steady pace, especially while having powder thrown around every few minutes! I got hit in the face with a big pink handful of powder at the first station, luckily I had sunglasses on so it didn't get in my eyes, but I did choke a bit and that wasn't fun. There was a dance party at the finish line and we had some more color thrown at us, but we didn't stay too long. There's a nighttime glow stick race in September, Cassi and I are already forming our team! I'm looking forward to that!

A closer look at how pink I got

My multicolored cubital fossa (aka elbow pits)

I came home and took a quick shower (most of the powder came off!), then went to a baby shower for my friend, Eliza. Daniel and Lyle went to see Age of Ultron and I dubsmash-ed with my sisters for a good chunk of the afternoon. I went to Emily C's while Daniel and some of the other guys played their zombie game, it was so great to just relax at the end of a long day!
Today we were able to host the missionaries in our ward while they talked to their families. It was so great to have them in our home! They are great guys and really enjoyed seeing their loved ones. The whole thing gave me warm fuzzies!

Elders Haueter and Fowler
Something I love right now: Chopped

I'm not a huge fan of cooking shows (it's not fair to watch people make and eat something yummy), but I really like cooking competition shows! The Chopped collection on Netflix has been so much fun to watch, I love seeing what crazy foods are in each basket! It's also one of those shows where I don't feel bad watching it when Matthew's around. I try not to watch too much TV around him (I usually have Pandora on instead), but if I just need a little break I can let him play and run around while I chill out a bit. Maybe one day I'll try cooking something crazy I see on the show.


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