Saturday, March 24, 2012

An Ode to My Booties

With the warmer weather and Easter approaching, it's about time to retire my winter shoes. These babies helped me through my first Wisconsin winter and I will be forever grateful for their style, comfort, and functionality. Best $20 I ever spent at Payless (I know, what a steal)!

Robbin Cuff Bootines by Fioni for Payless

Unfortunately, wearing the same shoes almost every day for 5 months causes a lot of wear and tear. I tore my cute booties up, to the point where it wouldn't make any sense to save them for next winter. Observe...

I can no longer find these shoes anywhere :( My only hope is that Payless (or somewhere) will bring them back later this year so I can stock up and have enough pairs to last me for a few more years. I'll keep you posted so you can buy some too!


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