Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly wrap up

This week I started browsing Pinterest for some party and smash cake ideas for Matthew's birthday in a couple months. I was so overwhelmed each time I logged on! I want a healthy-ish cake, but all of the recipes I found called for bananas and that's one of the few foods Matthew doesn't like. A friend suggested making banana pancakes to see if he likes cooked bananas, I hope he does because that would give me a lot more options. Also, how can I decide on a theme when there are so many cute ones to choose from?! I'm glad I started researching in advance!
On Tuesday I went to PF Chang's for a baby shower and started feeling yucky later that night. I felt okay-ish the next morning, not great but not bad enough to stay home all day. I thought it was mild food poisoning. Wednesday mornings are when I volunteer at the daycare at the gym and I noticed Matthew was clingy and fussy all morning long. He also had a few blowouts and not much of an appetite, so I started wondering if we had some sort of tummy bug. Matthew was taking up a lot of my energy and I had several kids to watch, so I had Daniel pick him up and take him home. We were supposed to go to Appleton and see Jeff, Kendra, Stephen, Meliah, and the kids, including our new nephew, William, but we decided against it because Matthew and I were feeling yucky. There were several instances where things would've been really difficult if we hadn't been at home, so I definitely think we made the right call. It was a light day for Daniel class-wise, I am SO grateful he was able to do so much for us. I went to bed around 9pm on Wednesday and felt 100% better on Thursday, but Matthew was still sick.

Look at that poor sick face!

Matthew was feeling a bit better (eating and playing more) on Friday, but sleep was a whole other issue. Same for yesterday. The poor kid couldn't nap for more than 30 minutes without waking up and crying, and overnight he would wake up every 2-3 hours. I was mean and let him cry, it was like sleep training all over again! I was grumpy for a few days, but things seem to be looking up - Matthew napped for two hours today and went to bed without a fuss. Here's to getting back on a regular schedule soon!
Yesterday we went to Appleton to visit everyone! It was fun to hang out and catch up with everyone, even though Matthew was not in a good mood part of the time.

New cousins!
Remember this post where I mentioned the Thin Mint cheesecake? I made it this week! For my first cheesecake, I think it turned out well! I would probably add a bit more peppermint extract and more mini chocolate chips next time, but I'm glad I tried it.

We found out tonight that our boundaries changed and we're in a new ward. We were a bit surprised, but honestly we don't mind as much as others since we'll probably only be here for a few more months. We're looking forward to meeting some new people and are grateful we have friends in the new ward too!
Something I love right now - Family selfies
This was one of the more precious moments this week when we were all feeling good. I love my little family!


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