Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekly wrap up

I broke the first unspoken rule of spin class on Monday and I took someone else's bike. This blonde woman came in and saw me and her friends make a few loud jokes about checking Facebook in the locker room before class. She came over to find another bike and I said, "I know I took your bike, would you like it back?" And she got all embarrassed and said, "Oh no, I shouldn't have even said anything. It's just that I like the way that bike rides even though they should all be the same." I tried to pay attention to how the bike felt and decided that the blonde lady can have her bike back, it's not that great!
Daniel and I officially bought plane tickets and found a place to stay for our trip to Washington, DC after graduation! For a while we were planning on splitting our time between DC and NYC, but Daniel wasn't thrilled with trying to fit in both places in just a few days, so he chose Washington and we're SO excited! We haven't been back to DC together since we got married (I went for my sister's wedding in July 2013), so we're really looking forward to exploring the city again. We requested tickets to tour the White House a few weeks ago and the place we found on airbnb is a block away from a Metro station! I'm also excited that we get to spend a few days at home after DC, it's going to be a whirlwind week!
Matthew was a super grump on Tuesday and started breaking out in a weird rash. Daniel called it viral exanthem, it looked like adult acne to me. I called first thing on Wednesday morning and Dr. Barkimer was able to squeeze us in at 9:30am. I met with a PA student first, she seemed more concerned about his cold (he's had a perpetual cold since October, Daniel's the same way) than the rash. I randomly found out she has extended family in Wilmington and is going to spend spring break at a beach house in Carolina Beach. She said Matthew's right ear was red and when Dr. Barkimer came in he saw it right away and said it was an ear infection. My heart broke for Matthew, I was letting him cry and be sad and getting frustrated with him when he was in pain and feeling bad! I gave him extra snuggles until his medicine kicked in, he's doing so much better now!
Also on Wednesday, Daniel submitted his rank list for residency! We celebrated with the Couch Potato from Glass Nickel (Cardiac Arrest is better) and some Yo Mama goodness. I'll be spending the next few weeks going back and forth between biting my nails and making ice cream runs.

On Thursday I went out with some other M4 wives to the recently opened Corner Bakery Cafe. It was also a surprise baby shower for our friend, Patra, she's having a little girl and I had way too much fun shopping for her! Dinner was yummy and it was fun to hear where everyone ranked their top programs. There are a few of us who could end up back east, it would be fun to have friends close by!

Cassidy, Nina, Ashley, Emily C/Emily P, me, Patra, Eliza
(swiped from Instagram from Emily P)
Something I love right now - Amoxicillin

This beautiful pink medicine has turned my baby back into his cute and happy self! Let's compare...


We went to the doctor on Wednesday...

Thursday at the awesome Betty Brinn Children's Museum

It's amazing what a difference 36 hours makes! I got lots of ear infections when I was a baby (my dad jokes that I bled amoxicillin) and so did Daniel (his pediatrician recommended tubes at one point) and his brothers, so it looks like this is something Matthew will have issues with too. Guess we'll be friends with Mr. Amoxicillin for the next few years. But thank goodness for this medicine and it's amazing healing abilities!


PS: I'm team white and gold. I KNOW it's really black and blue, it just takes my eyes a while to get there

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