Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So it's been a crazy last few days and this weekend we can finally relax!

I had lunch with Michelle on Friday, we stayed at the MOA for an hour and a half just talking and eating delicious MOA food. Then I went home and did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom, then I picked up Michelle and Cory and we met Daniel and the tennis match. We pretty much whooped University of San Francisco, and we got free pizza so that was nice. Daniel and I went grocery shopping and only spent $50, yay for coupons and cheap meals!

Saturday was ward temple day, so we met up for the 9am session and had a fabulous time! After that we went home and got all Cougar-ed out for the basketball game against New Mexico! It was super intense and we played so well, but we lost 83-81. New Mexico is a good team, if we were going to lose to someone, it would be them. We did beat Utah 71-51 tonight though, which is pretty nice. Saturday night was Stake Conference, Daniel and I got there 15 minutes before it started and we were only on the first row of folding chairs (if you don't get there an hour before back home, you're pretty much on the stage). We signed for a during it and I watched all the cute babies.

Daniel got up super early to go to the hospital on Sunday, his shift usually goes from 8am-12pm, but since we had Conference at 10am, he went in at 7am for a couple hours. He didn't complain about having to get up, which I was very surprised and grateful for (I usually have to roll him out of bed!). Conference was great and it was really nice to have the rest of the afternoon to Home/Visit Teach. I had so much fun that I forgot about a paper due on Monday. Whoops...

This week has been pretty good, made even better by the return of our shows (we realized during the Olympics that all we watch is NBC) and the second season of Scrubs from Netflix (seriously, Netflix is amazing!).

Also, thanks to the handy dandy 100 hour board, I found out I can probably get Ruggles fixed for like $100 instead of $450! After I dominate my Brit Lit test on Friday, I will take a drive up to PC Laptops and have them check it out.

We are super close to purchasing tickets to go home in August! I'm so excited!

If you love Christian Siriano...

-Daniel and Jenn

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