Friday, March 12, 2010

Props, Hooks, and Oranges

In order to prove that I don't just blog on Mondays about the previous weekend, here's a Friday post. Mind blown? Good, let's continue...

So on Wednesday I was TA-ing with Kimball and Corinne. I had just finished my row of students when I saw a girl looking at the married housing section of the Cougar Rentals website. Cougar Rentals happens to host all the Parkside openings (as well as other married apartments), so I walked over and said, "I don't mean to be creepy, but I live in Parkside and I love it!" She got all excited and started asking me all of these questions and I said, "And Corinne lives there too, let me get her over here." So I called Corinne over and we're having this conversation about Parkside and how much we love it and answering this girl's questions and Kimball comes over thinking we have this massive research problem! He wasn't mad or anything, I just thought it was pretty funny. The girl is a freshman and her fiance is a junior (sounds familiar...), maybe I'll see them around come fall.

Also on Wednesday I went to my 195 class where we talked about networking and having a "hook" (basically something to go off of once you get your foot in the door). The teacher started calling out names of students in the class and mine was one of them. He then told us that our e-mail addresses were our hooks, and had us tell the class where ours came from. It's funny, I always thought yankeydoodle89 was sort of silly and I was planning on getting a new one once I started applying for jobs and stuff, but I guess I shouldn't, it's a good conversation starter at least!

Growing up in my house, our main fruit staples were apples, bananas (thank you Gwen Stefani), and grapes. Daniel grew up with all of those, plus a few others. He's introduced me to some that are alright, but recently we've been eating oranges like no other. I always have Daniel peel them because I don't really know how, but I made our lunches today and managed to do an ok job! You can get a bag of oranges for a few bucks at Smith's, and we usually buy a new bag every week. Oranges are delicious and good for you, and I'm glad we can find decent ones when we're so far inland. They're also really useful when you have a sick hubby who consistently forgets to take his vitamins...

-Daniel and Jenn

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  1. I love oranges! I remember always having a BOX of oranges lying around the house when I was growing up. It's been too long since I've had an orange I need to see what these Florida ones are all about.