Sunday, March 28, 2010


Daniel is playing Zelda and I'm about to finish a paper and I am really just ready to turn in these projects and call it good. The end of the semester is so close but March just lasts FOREVER and we get so burned out. Daniel's on top of things so he can relax and play Wii, but I have 5 more pages to write before I go to bed.

On the bright side, I totally spaced on Friday and completely, totally, 100% FORGOT about a project I had due in one of my classes. I e-mailed the teacher and asked if I could turn it in on Monday for partial credit and she told me I could turn it in without penalty. Needless to say, it pretty much made my weekend. We also got to go to Emily's baptism yesterday and eat good food afterwards and were invited to watch Conference at Grandma Larson's next weekend and Daniel's going to the Priesthood session and I'm going to hang out with the girls. We have tickets for Sunday afternoon, so it'll be nice to just hang out and get away for the weekend, even if we don't go very far.

We also went to Guitars Unplugged last night at the Covey Center and it was a good show. The last few acts were kind of slow and sad though, I feel like the people who organized the list of performers could have done a better job. By far the coolest group was two brothers on acoustic and a third guy on the accordion. Their song was called Take Me To The Zoo and the opening line was, "Tie me up with chains / Put me in a box / Take me to the zoo" and it was from the zoo animals' perspective that they don't really do anything when the humans are watching for fear of their reaction. The chorus had a line that went, "Humans are the deadliest of all," and I thought it was a very cool Ludo-ish sound that slightly mocked the human race but I still liked it.

In the short amount of time between the end of Winter semester and the beginning of Spring term, we're going to hike Timpanogos and spend a day hanging out in Salt Lake. Even though I don't want to raise a family in Utah, I would be just fine with retiring in SLC. I love the city feeling and being close to family and an airport.

I've also come to a startling realization: I'm ok with Daniel going to Duke for med school (*collective gasp*). I mean, I want him to go somewhere he'll enjoy and get a good education and graduates only have about $3,000 more debt that UNC students, and that was my whole argument to begin with. So yeah, I will always think Duke is puke, but if it makes Daniel a good doctor, then so be it.

-Daniel and Jenn

PS: If you know anyone who is engaged/about to be engaged, of the girls I visit teach makes amazing invitations/announcements!

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