Monday, March 15, 2010


It seems lately that all of my married friends are pregnant/trying to get pregnant. Every week in Relief Society during our Good News Minute at least one lady announces she is expecting. And then your good news just seems silly after that, because really, who can compete with the miracle of life? Daniel and I aren't planning to expand our family any time soon, I want to be done with college and work for a little bit, but it's crazy to think that I could technically get pregnant in the fall and still be good with the whole finish-college-first thing.

Daniel is working hard on his med school application (it's nice because it's just one giant application and you send it out to whatever school you want) and even though applications don't open up until June 1, he can still work on it so it's all ready to go in June. It's all kind of becoming real that this time next year we'll be packing up and moving out. I'll be finished with school and looking for work and Daniel will be starting something he's really passionate about. I love Provo, but it's definitely a college town and I'm excited to go somewhere with culture (Chapel Hill, Durham, Madison, etc.). Plus everything closes at like 10pm in Provo which is dumb.

My dad is starting a NCAA bracket and I'm doing one for the first time. It's not for money or anything, just bragging rights really, and West Virginia is going to take it all. Daniel think that if Duke wins it's a sign that he needs to go there for med school, so I don't really care if WV wins as long as it's not Duke!

Ke$ha + Star Wars = This

-Jenn (Daniel didn't really have much say in this one)

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  1. i have BYU winning it all...what can i say? i'm uneducated in the basketball world and slightly biased...