Monday, August 2, 2010


Every time Daniel catches me creeping on Facebook or blogs or something, he always sings me Creep by Radiohead. I have to admit that it helps, because sometimes I get carried away and being reminded that I could one day end up like Radiohead helps curb my creeping tendencies.

We also got our energy bill today, $70! So now we're going to be super conscious about our energy use, which includes Daniel's habit of leaving lights on when he's not in the room. So he's going to get $10 every month towards a "fun fund," be that video games or food or clothes or whatever, and every time he leaves the light on after he leaves the room, he loses $.10. This is the first thing on his list, so he's got some saving to do.

Here's to a more energy efficient month!

-Daniel and Jenn

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